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  1. Tomax Lube Restock when?

    Would love to have an idea of when this stuff comes back in stock. I got a sample of Insomnia with my clone and I absolutely love it, but I've seen Tomax stuff get restocked a couple of times while Insomnia

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  1. Absorption Lilith Six Uterus

    Package Contents:

    Lilith Onahole
    An unmarked packet of lube

    This one was a huge disappointment for me on first use. The stimulation felt really weak, and I was expecting this one to be a real dick bully. I didn't feel any of the nubs between the uteruses (uteri?). All you really get is the insertion feeling between chambers, and it's definitely there, but it didn't do much for me and I slowly lost my hardon inside of it which hasn't happened to me yet with ANY onahole, even very soft ones meant to have little stimulation. I also have a decent amount of girth, so size isn't a problem as far as filling the inside.

    That leads to the next problem. If you're the type of guy to go a little soft at any point or you like to start stroking at half hardness, this isn't the hole for you. You have to be full mast to even insert yourself into it because of the shape and small hole in the front, and I'm average-sized.

    Durability also seems to be a concern. I looked it over before use and there were no holes or imperfections, but after one use there are around a dozen small holes all over it. I know it's an $18 toy, but I've had cheaper toys that were built better. Not surprised this one is made in China and not Japan.

    Maybe it just needs a couple more uses for me to get used to it, but out of the 7 or 8 holes I've bought so far from various brands this is the worst so far. I can't personally recommend it, but it's only $18, so if the gimmick sounds fun it's not the end of the world if you have the same experience as me.

    The best box art I've ever seen
    Outside material feels fine

    Low stimulation for a supposedly high stimulation toy
    Seemingly poor durability
    Made in China
    Cannot be used at half chub

  2. Zodiac Onahole Collection Pisces

    Package Contents:
    Pisces Onahole
    Packet of Lube

    Shocked by how great this was for the price. Bought it on a whim because of the good reviews and the fact that it was listed a hole with a harder interior. I was a bit worried about the size being too small (I'm 6") but I'm used to buying smaller holes and don't mind bottoming out since there's room to stretch.

    While Pisces isn't as hard as I thought, it's considerably firmer than what I'm used to and still just stretchy enough for it to be comfortable while using. It's also not too tight, which is a plus for me. I like to use a thin lube like Tomax Insomnia to increase the feel of the textures.

    The only real negative for me is that the interior plastic packaging is kind of low quality. I like to powder and store my holes in their original bag and box to stop them from getting sticky and this one is really thin and cheap like cigarette packaging cellophane, but it's to be expected at this price point. Not enough to knock a star off.

    I think anyone who is 6" of length and lower would love this one, but if you're any bigger it might end up being uncomfortable. Pretty amazing for the price.

    A+ Material for the price
    Great sensation
    Easy to Clean

    Harder material might not be for everyone
    Low quality plastic bag

  3. G Project Hole Quick Dry PVA Sponge Stick II

    I was not expecting what I got in the mail. I thought it was going to be like a soft towel wrapped around a wire to bend as needed. When I opened it up it felt like some fusion of rock and foam. This stick is VERY solid and VERY absorbent! It also seems to dry much faster than the standard solid dry stick. All of that without the fear of breaking it.

    I was apprehensive about buying this, but unlike the other reviewers, I think this is worth the price. I don't know of any other product on the market like it. If you need a new dry stick or just want to try something different... get this.

    Quick Drying
    Impossible to drop and break


  4. Sujiman Kupa Roa

    3rd Magic eyes hole I've tried (Lolinco and Ochoboguchi)

    It's a really soft hole on the inside and out. Didn't really do much in the stimulation department, but that would be better for longer sessions. I would say it probably gets the least amount of use out of the 3 I've tried. It still feels nice to switch it up every once and awhile.

    Personally, I think it should be in the $15 - $20 price range. For the $26 I'd just spend the extra $7 or so and get a lolinco. Much better stimulation and much better built, although the Roa still feels nice and mostly high quality.

    The one huge advantage it gets is that since it's so soft it's really easy to stretch open and clean. Pay attention to tunnel length.

    If you're looking for a cheaper Magic Eyes toy I recommend the Ochoboguchi mouth onahole. However, if you're looking for a toy without a lot of stimulation for longer sessions this might be the one for you.

    Easy to clean
    Magic Eyes material is great

    Low stimulation
    Priced a little too high

  5. La Bocca Della Verita Ochoboguchi Mini (Sleeve Only / Pkg Removed)

    I bought this expecting something different but ended up still being happy.

    For less than $19 this is a steal. My first mouth hole so I can't compare to others in this category, but it's an interesting experience. I was looking for a hole I could hit the back of easily and this definitely fits the bill.

    The teeth on magic eyes mouth toys are always divisive, but I liked them. They are a little harder than I thought they would be but the light scraping they provide is actually really stimulating and gives that inexperienced head feel. There's not too much going on in the back end but the grooves still feel nice.

    There are a couple of disadvantages. I bought this hole knowing the tunnel length was much smaller than what I'm working with. When I push all the way to the back it seems to force me up at a curve where the material is thinner instead of going toward the back of the hole where there's more material. I can already tell that this one isn't going to last too long and I might end up breaking through mid-session. Oddly enough despite this, it still feels like a quality Magic Eyes hole and feels solid in the hand despite the compact size. For the price, I'm not super concerned about the durability.

    With the small size, I was thinking this would be an easy one to clean, but it's the opposite. Because of the teeth and tongue, you can't squeeze excess water out easily like 99% of holes. Because of this, it takes longer to dry. Some people turn them inside out to dry but I don't like doing that with any hole and I definitely wouldn't recommend it with this one.

    I'm happy with my purchase despite the disadvantages. I couldn't recommend this to anyone bigger than 6" because it'll probably end up broken on your first use, but if you're 6 or under you can have a lot of fun with this despite the small tunnel length. For $19 it's worth a try to spice up your rotation. Magic Eyes is still my favorite manufacturer on Toydemon.

    Magic Eyes Hole for under $20
    Stimulating tongue and teeth
    stretchyness makes up for tunnel length

    Durability a concern
    Not easy to clean and dry

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