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  1. What is the status of being able to revise past reviews (based on further experience and time spent with the product)?

    Hi TD!

    Several months ago you mentioned that "sometime in Spring" we would have the ability to update past product reviews we posted. Any update on this site feature?

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  1. Vaginal Macaron Toro Toro Hard

    The item I received had a manufacturing defect where the tunnel alignment would not let my penis penetrate more than half way into it without slamming my head into the thin sidewall of the filling. Pushing in only made the infamous croaking frog gullet bubble, where if I had pushed any harder the whole thing would have popped open. To seal the deal, when I washed the toy out for the first time, the extremely thin top wall at the far end of the tunnel croaked a bubble that burst through. So disappointing, waste of money. Perhaps mine was a total lemon and others will have better experience with it?

    The front portion of the tunnel that I was able to use was very stimulating

    Poor quality control (Misaligned tunnel and thin top wall busted through with first washing)
    Sticky external material

  2. New Student

    This toy is small, flimsy on the external design, and thin-walled.

    With that said, the internal design is top notch. If the manufacturer had combined the internal design with a top notch, heavier thickness and weight external ... this could have been a top notch design worth paying double the price for.

    Often times what you are paying for in an onahole is simply the weight/amount of TPE included in the product. The reason an onahole costs $70 is because of sheer weight/amount of TPE ... having nothing to do with quality of user experience. I have tried a few of the higher priced onaholes and found them totally ripoffs when compared to user experience with onaholes in the $30 - $35 price range. It's all about weight of rubber = more cost. The same logic seems to flow with the cheapo price range stuff at $20 range. You get the cheapo price range because of minimal amount of TPE used in the product. At cheapo price range, you can occasionally find a good internal design (like with this one) ... but the external and overall product will tend to be thin walled and flimsy.

    While the excellent internal design of this project did bring me to climax, the whole experience was marred by the thin walled external (bulging bubbles ala croaking bullfrog gullet) and misalignment of the tunnel such that it felt like I was about to break the thing into pieces from all the slamming into thin sidewalls that bubbled out like a sheet of chewed bubble gum.

    Internal design very stimulating
    Low cost

    Poor quality control
    Flimsy external shell

  3. Ball Licking Gal

    I own 4 oral onas from TD (La Bocca Della Verita Perorin, Gal Zanmai Thick Wrap Blowjob, Geki-Fera Mishima Natsuko {appears to be discontinued on TD}, and this one). The La Bocca Della Verita Perorin (Sleeve Only / Pkg Removed) is still the best overall in its class for great tongue and teeth play with a decently stimulating throat experience. But this product wins hands down specifically on its throat design.

    For shallow as well as deep throat play, this product's design is most stimulating and will give you an awesome blow job (especially when using IL PRIMO BACIO Sweet Lotion as your lube).

    Thick tongue
    Most stimulating throat design

    Tongue does not stick out far enough from the mouth to be best in category for tongue play

  4. Gekihen Slow Revolution

    I am a huge Ride Japan fan. I have more of their holes in my collection than any other brand. This is perhaps the best Ride Japan product to date.

    The textures of the tunnel design on this one created a mind blowing, tow curling experience. It took much self-control to make the session last all of 20 minutes (my sessions usually go much longer than that), but I could have easily of nutted after only 5 minutes of this thrill ride.

    While I dabbled a bit with a few long thrusts to check out the gimmick at the far end of the tunnel, that is just whatever in my opinion. The real thrill ride comes from shallow to medium depth slow thrusts in the main channel. The material is soft, and not really tight, yet its texture lights up every pleasure receptor of my member. Quite breathtaking actually. Highly recommend taking her for a spin.

    Highly stimulating
    Can make you nut fast
    Nice vaginal opening sculpt

    Can make you nut fast

  5. Sensual Elf Babu-Ogya Heaven

    I have a very extensive collection of onaholes. This fairly recent acquisition has rocketed into the number 1 slot of my go-to holes. The material (not super sticky ... only needs a little powder after every 3 or 4 washings), the weight (enough to feel a bit ... but not awkward for one handing), and the stimulation level are just absolutely primo.
    Both holes are very stimulating to me when entered from the proper directions of approach (vagina from the front ... anus from the rear). I find the anal approach from the rear to be the most stimulating (and the most realistic feeling) when indulging in that fantasy scenario.
    In my opinion (and given the options available in my personal collection), this product is the holy grail of onaholes.
    If you only invest in 1 onahole, this should be the one.

    Not 1, but 2 very stimulating holes
    Nice puffy mons pubis sculpt to the front
    Realistic (IMO) anal experience sensations from the rear
    Durable and relatively non-sticky material (absolutely no tearing around the holes even after a multitude of fuckings and cleanings)
    Nice weight to size ratio (easy to one-hand)


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