Hello Everyone,

Hope you've had a good 2022.

Onaholes in general seem to be made of TPE with an oil inside this material to make the material softer/squisher (I've heard this oil once called "silicone sweat"). Unfortunately, this oil seems to naturally seep out of a toy on its own over time. This can potentially cause unwanted stains to surfaces or fabrics. Questions:

1.) Is there any way to prevent the oil from leaking or is the best you can do to diligently keep a barrier between your toy and other things (e.g. plastic bag, towel, etc.)?

2.) Would the oil go through any toy bags such as the Meiki onahole or hip toy bags?

3.) If the oil stains a surface or fabric, what ways are there to clean off the oil or reduce the stain?

I would appreciate anyone's input.

P.S. Will there be more product polls? Onahole designs and technology seem to continue to evolve, so it's always interesting to see what new things are in the market.