I have a problem…and that problem is the factory smell of certain holes, for me the Meiki ZXY and the Nikudon Paipina Long Wave.

My problem is actually not only the smell itself, but also the oil that these holes are saturated in, which I have deduced is likely the source of the smell. The oil leaks out of the onaholes like nothing else, and it is persistent: the oiliness/smell does not wash off skin (and other surfaces) with soap readily or easily. I have to very, very thoroughly wash my hands after, and even then the smell and some oilness may persist for some time.

The smell and oiliness also persists after I’ve tried to thoroughly wash the holes many times, even immersing them for hours in soapy water. After searching the internet for solutions, I tried following dubious advice and immersed one in diluted mouthwash, but even that only temporarily solved the odor problem and did nothing about the oiliness problem.

If it was just the smell or just the persistent oiliness alone, I might be able to handle it, but the combination of the two is nigh unbearable, and as a result I’ve practically abandoned using those two onaholes.

So now I turn to this community. Surely I’m not the only person to be really bothered by this.

Is there any way to:
- get rid of/lessen the smell, or
- make the oiliness (and smell) not so persistent/make it wash off surfaces easier, or
- best of all, do both?