There have been a few inquiries regarding some Pre-order / Backorder items getting their dates pushed back. We do apologize for the delay but wanted to address the situation here so there is less confusion.
While our team tries the best they can to make sure items arrives on-time as accurately as possible when it comes to the Planned ETA dates and restock dates, most of the time we would get products in ahead of scheduled but there will always be times where things don't go according to plan. For example our latest shipment that was suppose to arrive have been stuck at the west coast port for over a week due to overwhelming amount of shipments that has to be sorted there. When this happens we will update the ETA to make sure the information you guys see is accurate hence the push-back in dates.
Hopefully that helps a bit for some of you that might have been wondering what's going on with the dates. In light of the recent events, the delay may have also been the doing of Robin-hood, so those of you that are in the west-coast please be on the lookout for unpurchasable onaholes.