We all know and see info about cleaning onaholes, but for people that use and have them, I was wondering if anyone has managed to find a way to clean/renew dry sticks.

I've got a DNA dry stick I've managed to have for over 2 years now and not break, but I feel like as of late, it doesn't really dry as efficiently anymore as when I first had it, guessing due to all the pores getting clogged over time with some onahole material. Takes a lot more insertions to fully dry out some onaholes.

I didn't want to go trying to scrub it and possibly make it super abrasive to the point that it's destroying my onaholes, worst case need to replace it since this exact one looks like it's discontinued now according to the site here. Does anyone know of a good/recommended way to clean and restore these so they're back to "like-new" drying performance?