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  1. It is soft but as a result it wobbles around and hard to hold steadily. The sensation is around mild which could be good to use for a longer session.

    Nice and soft

    Too soft and wobbly

  2. It has perfect rigidness that doesn't wobble around yet the inside is soft enough that it doesn't give you a grinding feeling. It gives me a very sensational feel of going through lots of "flaps" but it is mild enough so you can enjoy it for medium length sessions.

    Cant comment on how durable it is since I only own it for a week but just judging from the material and the construction, I would say it is will last longer than early the single-layer Meikis.
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    Good dual layer construction, very sensational and has the perfect rigidness

    If the inside could be an inch longer

  3. My size is quite average (Asian) but I found this Puni R20 to be too short. Regular R20 is a much better suction and slightly-more-than-mildly stimulation, but this Puni version has very little sensation.

    For me I simply regret getting this

    Small and portable? Easier to clean?

    Very thing else in terms of suction, sensation, etc

  4. Rating

    The hole is much longer than what I need. It's challenging to try to hit the end. Even though the opening is quite wide and loose, and has a repeating texture, it is still one of my favourites simply because the it can have great suction if you squeeze the air out. With air out, it sleeves around me tightly and creates a nice, sensational grind.

    It is longer than the dry stick so its hard to dry it

    Great suction if you squeeze air out

    An inch shorter would help cleaning

  5. Rating

    IMO, this hole has not characteristics and I am disappointed. Overall this one is so-so. It would be justified if it were in the low to mid $30 range just not the $50 dollar range. The material is quite soft and wobbly. The overall diameter (outside) is good enough for a medium-sized hand to hold so wobbling isn't a big problem. The sensation is like... mild, not much variation no matter which way to go in.

    Soft, dual layer

    So-so sensation & material quality, other than Julia's name it has nothing special

  6. The idea sounds good, but it is next impossible to actually squeeze and move the ball around inside the sleeve due to friction and stickiness inside. So you may have to pull the sleeve wide open and move it up manually. After all the stick type works better and they should improve on that

    Large size ball and absorb moisture well

    Cannot squeeze & move around like what the picture is shown

  7. It doesnt have the fancy 2 layer design yet it is one of my Top3. Nice and soft but wont wobble around. Gentle and Stimulating and hurt if going fast.
    The only problem is the path of the hole leans heavily to the left side wall and I had one tore through the side, so it would be nice to keep a new one as back up when its on sale!

    Stimulating yet soft enough

    Path leans to the side wall and tends to tear