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    I have a collection of 9 and this is one of my faves. I'm not sensitive, so I actually like the teeth a lot. I actually wish there were teeth deeper down as well. It'd add a cool sensation.

    The material is soft which I prefer over the hard version of this toy. It makes it easier to get to the end. U can use it to edge or go fast and finish pretty early.

    Soft and feels great
    The tongue is nice too
    Tightness that has a deep throat type of feel
    Can go slow or fast with this toy

    I wish it had more teeth but I'm weird

  2. I was super excited to try this. But I wasn't blown away like everyone else seems to be. This ona is relatively loose compared to others I've tried. That combined with the softness makes it take a while to finish for me. I like rotating it and going slow but oddly this is probably one of my least favorite onas out of the ones I own.

    Silky smooth
    Cool textures
    Can rotate and feel nice
    Good for edging

    Not enough stimulation imo

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    I really wanted to like this one. And to be honest, I do. But it's a bit too tight with not the type of stimulation I want.

    But to be honest, I think this is preference. I still pull it out when I want to finish early with something super tight.

    I imagine it'd be better warm. I also think I need to break it in a bit more. You Def can't go in this soft.

    Tight and intense
    Finish quick
    Durable like tank

    Can't go in soft
    Not as enjoyable for slow sessions

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    I decided to give this 5 stars but this isn't as crazy stimulating as everyone is saying. But maybe it'll change is time goes on.

    The best thing I can say about this is it probably feels closest to the real thing out of all the onas Ive tried.

    The material is soft and tho the internals look interesting it's not mind meltingly stimulating like the ona cannon. I'd say it's good for people that want something that feels close to the real thing and more stimulating than average for this type of material.
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    Pretty stimulating
    Feels like the real thing

    People rate this as crazy stimulating but honestly it's just above average imo.
    If this changes over time I'll update.

  5. This thing is insane. This little monster feels very mild at the beginning if u go in soft. But trust me it overwhelms u after a few minutes.

    This thing will make u contort and lose control of ur body. If someone else is using this on u it's game over.

    This toy could retire my whole collection.

    Insane stimulation
    Builds up
    Stimulating without being too tight
    You can control how stimulating it is to make the sessions last however long you like

    I wish it had more intense sensations when I rotated it. This isn't really a disadvantage, but some other toys outshine this one in this specific area. It doesn't really make sense to me due to its design.

  6. I got this at the same time as the exe maid servant ona. Both are pretty similar tbh.

    I think this wins out in that it's more stimulating to me. This is good if youre already hard and want something tight and tough. It doesn't feel realistic and I actually think I might like the softer version more. I may give it a try one day.

    If you want something harder than the regular version I'd give this a try. If you can't find the exe erotic maid servant, this is similar and ar
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    Feels like erotic maid servant to me

    Too tight
    Cant go in soft
    Not good for slow sessions

  7. I got this because I heard the teeth were more stimulating than bocca.

    This wasn't the case for me. I also found this harder to penetrate compared to bocca, which oddly made it less stimulating. Maybe I'm not using this right?

    I like the tongue. Its kinda fun to rotate with this toy because the tongue and teeth combo give interesting sensations. I think that's one advantage it has over bocca.

    Otherwise, get the original

    Fun for rotating due to teeth and tongue
    Tongue is nice feature

    Hard to enter
    Teeth aren't more stimulating to me compared to bocca
    Overall experience is less stimulating than bocca imo

  8. This ona goes in my top three beating the likes of xzy and naught maid servant. It's such a unique toy.

    Warning: the experience can differ a lot based on the type of lube you use.

    The many little threads engulf ur member upon entry. This toy is really good for rotation and slow sessions as well as quick ones. However, you don't really feel the threads if you go too fast. The real magic is for slower sessions.

    This is definitely a must have and i recommend you pick this up when it's back in stock.
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    One of the most unique toys
    Great for rotating
    Good for slow or fast sessions but more fun for slow
    Lots of stimulation without being too tight
    Can go in soft or hard

    I kinda wish it had different textures inside as well. I hope this is the case for future designs. Regardless this is a must own