Just thought I’d post a bypass to a loading problem I had while trying to check out. The problem started in December or at the start of the new year.

1. When I reached the Review and Payments page during checkout the loading Icon goes on indefinitely.

2. Refreshing the page fixes the unlimited loading but then paypal and my rewards points become the only payment methods available to me. My stored cards do not show up at all and the option to add a new card is not available.

3. This loading problem happens both on my desktop and on my mobile phone regardless if I connected to a different Wi-Fi network or only used my phones data plan.

After testing different possible causes, I found that switching my web browser worked as a simple bypass to whatever is causing this problem. To be safe, I used a fresh default download of chrome with no extension or plugins. Hopes this helps anyone that might hit a similar roadblock in the future.

Update: The bug fixed itself two months later. I had no hand in resolving the problem. It just disappeared own it own and now I'm able to use my cards as per normal.