Completely new to this site and it's culture, and I had some questions revolving around my first purchase.

1. How to tell if the dry stick is doing it's job? I reached inside twice to check for residual moisture and as far as I can tell, it should be good.
2. Is a bottle brush okay to use to clean the insides? Will it damage the material?
3. How do I recognize when there is a tear in the material? I am wondering if my cleaning technique is too rough since there appears to be a small tear in the labia portion of the vaginal entrance. Debating whether or not it was there before or if I am being too rough with the toy. It's messing with my head right now...
4. How often should I be applying powder to keep the skin material fresh?
5. Storage temperature?
6. Does anyone recommend condoms to avoid the cleaning issue? As far as my luck goes, I keep breaking them, even with generous lube applied.

Any and all insight is appreciated.

Thank you.