Hello! I have a very niche request and I hope you guys can help me out. I'm an erotic author that gets very turned on while typing out my erotic fantasies. While I'm contemplating what to type next, I like to stroke my dick to keep up the stimulation. The problem is I can't use lube or lotion, since then it'd get all over my keyboard when I go back to typing, and hours of dry rubbing begins to get rather painful. I would like to just keep an onahole on my dick, but they're all too heavy and would just weigh my dick down and slide off. I was wondering if any of you knew of a very light-weight onahole, probably one with very thin walls. I've owned a couple of very short onaholes, but the problem I've found with those is that they're extremely tight and just push themselves off my dick. I don't really care about the ratings, as the point isn't to get me off but to just add some stimulation to my writing process. Hope you guys can help!