So everyone knows which lube you shouldn't use with which material, right? Don't use oils on rubber or TPE, no silicone on [cheap] silicone (i've heard some silicone toys can take it, but I never figured out which or how to tell), don't use hand lotions with either (they have either dimethicone or plant oils in them that will wreck everything).

But what about thick and thin, runny and viscous, and so on? What's best for handheld sleeves and high-speed jerking (or machines that do the same)? What do you use with a doll and you want to go slow for an hour or two? Is the principle the same with machine oils, thin and light for slow or hand work, thick and viscous for high-speed jerking or things like the VORZE Piston?

Or is it all just down to personal preference? I don't expect there's much in the way of right or wrong answers for any of these, so I invite all opinions and suggestions, reference tables and dumb ideas, even. Seriously, send me dumb ideas for mixing homemade lube, I'm so danged bored lately, I need something to waste time on.

PS. Also, which lube sold here on TD takes the best "spit shine"? Like, you're so durn close but things are starting to get tacky, so in desperation you hwock-a-thupt! a big one into it.