1. ToyDemon April 2021 Member Perks

    ToyDemon April 2021 Member Perks

    March felt very long for us. We were dealing with all the package delays by USPS and FedEx along with all the ocean shipment delays coming in. I am sure you guys have all seen the Suez Canal news and that sure doesn't help with ocean shipment delays...

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  2. Community Giveaway #20: $100 in Rewards for 5 winners! Are you spending your stimulus on onaholes?

    Community Giveaway 20: Win $100 Reward Points!!

    Again, sorry for the delay in announcing the winners for Giveaway #19 and starting #20. Some of you might have noticed that we got quite a few onaholes back in stock and we're pretty busy in getting things in order.

    So please enter Community...
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  3. ToyDemon March 2021 Member Perks

    ToyDemon March 2021 Member Perks

    Can't believe March is already here and we're about to hit spring in a few weeks!

    As many of you are aware, ocean import delays and winter storm delays has caused quite a disturbance in how we can get stock promptly and timely. Half of the...

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  4. Severe Weather Shipping Delays!

    Severe Weather Shipping Delays!

    We officially got a notification from FedEx that the snowstorm in the midwest region which are affecting transit and delivery. We will continue to ship out packages but please expect that there may be delays as packages travel throughout the U.S. for...

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  5. Valentine's Day Sale to 02-15

    Valentine's Sale, Ends Noon 02/15

    Valentine's Day is almost here and we hope everyone is staying warm and safe with the chilly weather happening everywhere. Valentine's Day approching also means we are having a sweet sale to help warm things up for everyone. From now until Noon Central...

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  6. Community Giveaway #19: $100 in Rewards for 5 winners! Poll and Site Feature

    Community Giveaway 19: Win $100 Reward Points!!

    Sorry for the slight delay, here's our Giveaway #19!

    How to Enter: Go here Community Giveaway Topic...

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  7. Backorder products paused

    Backorder products paused

    To keep you guys in the loop regarding backorder items arrival date.

    Due to west coast port congestions that have not eased up and cause further delays of our shipments, we have decided to paused backorder items rather than having you guys...

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  8. ToyDemon Febuary 2021 Member Perk

    ToyDemon Febuary 2021 Member Perk

    As you have seen from our previous blog post, there's been a pretty bad delay for our ocean shipment. The onaholes are currently stuck in Long Beach, CA due to lack of chassis (direct from the frieght company) causing a congestion at the ports. So...

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  9. Product Arrival Delayed!

    Product delayed

    There have been a few inquiries regarding some Pre-order / Backorder items getting their dates pushed back. We do apologize for the delay but wanted to address the situation here so there is less confusion.
    While our team tries the best they...

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  10. Community Giveaway #18: $100 in Rewards for 5 winners! Ideas for Community & New Year Resolution!

    Community Giveaway 18: Win $100 Reward Points!!

    Don't miss out on Giveaway #18! Read on for details!

    How to Enter:

    Please visit Community...

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