1. West Coast Wild Fires Causing Delays

    West Coast Wild Fires Causing Delays

    We officially got a notification from couriers that the wild fires on the west coast are affecting transit and delivery. We had already noticed delays to the affected areas in the previous weeks but the official notification points to a much larger...

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  2. Website Experienced Issue This Morning

    Website Experienced Issue This Morning

    As some of our visitors may have noticed, our site had some issues this morning. An update this morning caused several issues on our shipping and website systems including unintentional price changes on items. We have found and fixed the update issue...

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  3. ToyDemon September 2020 Member Perks

    Sep Member Perks: $10 Reward for every $100

    For the month of September, Silver and above members will receive extra $10 in rewards for every $100 / $95 / $90 / $85 (depending on your member level). Please note that Pre-Order and Special Order purchases all count towards total, but taxes and...

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  4. Free Shipping Minimum Increased

    Free Shipping Minimum Increased

    It's always hard for us to make these kind of changes and announcements, but as we deal with the on-going covid-19 situation, we feel this is a needed change we have to make.

    As some of you might have read on the web or even experienced yourself...

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  5. ToyDemon August 2020 Member Perks

    Aug Member Perks: 2x Perk Discount & More

    This month we will be doubling the Member Tier Discount percentage. Not only that, SIlver Members and above will receive an additional 10% discount (excludes pre-order items) to your member prices for these JAV...

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  6. Community Giveaway #13: $10 Reward Points for 5 Winners! "Favorite AV Star?"

    Who is your favorite Porn / AV Star?

    Another week another giveaway, the topic this week is your favorite Porn / AV star. We all know most products belongs to two main categories when it comes to box art / packaging products, it's either Porn / AV Star or Anime themed. Let's start with...

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  7. Community Giveaway #12: $10 Reward Points for 5 Winners! "Pre-Order?"

    Would you Pre-Order a product?

    Happy Friday everyone!! the topic this week is Pre-Ordering products. As many of you know we have a Pre-Order section which lists many new products on the market. We launch most items there to gauge the level of interest from you guys which will in...

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  8. Community Giveaway #11: $10 Reward Points for 5 Winners! "Your goto Onahole and why?"

    Community Giveaway #11: $10 Reward Points for 5 Winners! "Your goto Onahole and why?"

    You guys really came up with some good dream onaholes with the last giveaway topic. Lets try one with a added poll this week since it's the new feature for the community for anyone that has over 100 upvotes.

    How to Enter:...

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  9. Community GIVEAWAY #10 "Your Dream Onahole?"

    Community GIVEAWAY #10 "Your Dream Onahole?"

    This week lets hear from all of you what would be your dream built for a Onahole? We thought it would be fun to hear what type of things you would want in terms of looks, softness/firmness, stimulation patterns or anything that you feel is missing...

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  10. ToyDemon Community GIVEAWAY #9

    ToyDemon Community GIVEAWAY #9

    Thanks to everyone that participated in the giveaway #8. Three randomly drawn winners were awarded with $20 in reward points. It was a good member provided topic and obviously give us a good insight into what everyone looks for when shopping online...

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