1. Early Summer 2013 Overview: The "Limited Edition" Edition

    Early Summer 2013 Overview: The "Limited Edition" Edition

    We hope everyone's staying cool and dry this summer. We've been inside pretty much every single day working on the new upgrades. Blog is now back up and we know the shop and forum is still down and we're currently working to get everything done. In the mean time, let take a quick look back. The best way to describe this year so far for ToyDemon is probably "Limited Edition". We have seen in the last few months a lot of limited edition versions of some of the most popular items being launched. Just in case you missed them, we'll give you a quick highlight. ToysHeart   17 Evo Soft Limited Edition ToysHeart rolled out the special limited treatment for two of their most popular items. The

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  2. Overview: HEPS Fantastic System

    Overview: HEPS Fantastic System

    [gallery link="file" columns="2"] The HEPS Kinsey was a revolutionary oral simulation system. HEPS took the many feedback from customers and has upgraded the Kinsey into the new HEPS Fantastic System. It is called Fantastic System because it has a vast amount of innovations and features combined into one Fantastic "Oral Simulation" System. The overall appearance and design simulates the entire mouth system of human. However, the ability of Fantastic goes beyond the limitation of the human mouth. HEPS Fantastic is deeper, opens wider, and more stimulating than human. That's why their motto is HEPS' Only Rival is Human. Fantastic continues where Kinsey

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  3. Overview: Julia +

    Overview: Julia +

    Categories like Japanese AV sleeves, body shaped sleeves, and dual layered sleeves have always been popular on ToyDemon. Julia + from the "Plus" series is the first to combine many of the most popular categories into one item. Body shaped hand masturbator like Fairy Onahole and Slut Announcer have always been fan favorites. However, this category has never

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  4. Overview: Girl In The Box from Magic Eyes

    Overview: Girl In The Box from Magic Eyes

    Magic Eyes have shifted from their "Monsters" lineup to a new "Girls" series after the success of their Sujiman Kupa Roa. Their newest offering is called "Girl In The Box". The strange name perfectly describe the overall shape of their latest sleeve. It is a hand masturbator sleeve of a scaled down version of a female stuck in a box... leading to such a straight forward name "Girl In The Box". Girl In The Box inside texture   The Girl In The Box follows the Sujiman Kupa Roa with its dual layering and realistic textures.  At 62

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  5. Preview: Hunter Girls and Perfect Meiki Principle Evolution

    Preview: Hunter Girls and Perfect Meiki Principle Evolution

    The holidays are coming and ToyDemon has also a ton of new products in the pipeline. Here's a peek at what's coming next at ToyDemon. Hunter Girls Hunter Girls We're not sure exactly what's going on here from A-One, but we like it! What's interesting is that the logo reminds us of the super popular game "Monster Hunter" from Capcom (If you're a Monster Hunter fan, you should know what we are talking about). As Monster Hunter fans we definitely could not pass up on this product. Perfect Meiki Principle Evolution: Silver/Gold/Platinum

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  6. New Series On ToyDemon: Plus+

    New Series On ToyDemon: Plus+

    Here at ToyDemon, we are always on the lookout for great new products and product series. EXE's new "Plus" or "+" series has just had its international debut on ToyDemon with the Haruki Sato+. The Plus series is a set of hand masturbator with elements of both traditional and realistic texturing at an economical price. The Haruki Sato+ has texturing that are nubs at the beginning and changes into a complicated path with realistic looking walls. Haruki Sato + interior picture The many "Choke Points" throughout only adds to the already great design.

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  7. Meiki® 008 Hibiki Ootsuki Ready for Pre-Order

    Meiki® 008 Hibiki Ootsuki Ready for Pre-Order

    As we mentioned earlier, ToyDemon will definitely have Meiki 008 Hibiki Ootsuki ready for our customers. Pre-order is now available here. For those that pre-order, you get a $5 discount off its regular price and we added 500 extra bonus reward points, which is redeemable for a $5 GC to use at ToyDemon. The special offer pre-order ends on 09/17/2012 and only has a limited quantity. So pre-order yours today to take advantage of the sweet deal. The Meiki 008 Hibiki Ootsuki

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  8. Latest and "Coolest" From TENGA Japan

    Latest and "Coolest" From TENGA Japan

    TENGA's innovation with male masturbators are unmatched, with new products coming out that we simply can't keep up!! As some of you are aware, we had just recently started selling the TENGA Season 3 Limited Edition Eggs (Blaster, Spicy, and Zebra), which were the runners up in voting for the regular TENGA Season 3 Eggs (

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  9. Sneak Peek: Yotsuya Illusion 2

    Sneak Peek: Yotsuya Illusion 2

    The original Yotsuya Illusion was a great product that consistently sold out every time we stocked it when launched. We were really surprised to see the second version released so soon. [caption id="attachment_1986" align="aligncenter" width="599"] Interior Texture[/caption] Yotsuya Illusion 2 has many of the features of the original. The overall size is and the dual layer is the same as original. The interior however has been upgrade with large directional nubs and pleats. This give a great stimulation at every thrust and a mellower feeling on the out stroke. Of course this is coming to ToyDemon soon!

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  10. Sneak Preview: Perverted Tomoda Ayaka

    Sneak Preview: Perverted Tomoda Ayaka

    Act Japan has released the newest addition of the Perverted series, with AV actress Tomoda Ayaka (?????). For those of you unfamiliar with the Perverted series, check out the previous products below: Perverted: Marika Perverted: Nishina Momoka - Beginner Perverted: Nishina Momoka - Maniac Perverted:

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