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  1. BJ Offered As Tip For Waiter (NSFWish)

    BJ Offered As Tip For Waiter (NSFWish)

    Waiting tables here in the USA can be tough. Most depend on their tip for the entirety of their income. A recent video has been making its rounds online about one (lucky?) waiter at what looks like a diner and his tip. This tip came in the form of an offer for BJ which he gladly accepted in the video above. The video has been censored for language and to block the identity of the female in the video so it's only NSFWish. That must have been some service the waiter gave.

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  2. TENGA Cannon Robot Has An OnaCup Boner

    TENGA Cannon Robot Has An OnaCup Boner

    Japanese model kits are some of the easiest and coolest looking models available. For many hobbyist, once you've mastered building and painting these things, modding them is the next logical step. For one Japanese hobbyist, he tackled the challenge of modding a TENGA Deep Throat Cup and a robot with amazing results and a TENGA onacup boner? Check out the TENGA rocket/cannon robot pictures TENGA Model Robot 01 TENGA Model Robot 02 TENGA Model Robot 03 TENGA Model

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  3. Would You Bet $10,000 On Your Coming Marriage?

    Would You Bet $10,000 On Your Coming Marriage?

    Everything seems to cost more nowadays including wedding. For those who firmly believes in their marriage and need a little extra cash, a Seattle-based start-up called SwanLuv is willing to put $10,000 on it. The premise is that SwanLuv will offer qualifying couples up to $10,000 for their wedding on the condition that they stay married. If the marriage ends in divorce, the former couple will be required to pay back all the money plus interest. How much interest you ask? SwanLuv states that the interest rate will be calculated from their own algorithm. Those deemed to have a stronger marriage will have a higher interest rate than those couples with a weaker ones. It's interesting to note that although their entire business model seem to be based on the user's failed marriage, they state that it's more "Everlasting Marriage Deserves to be Rewarded". SwanLuv states that 100% of the money collected from divorces goes back to funding future couple's weddings. They even offer free marriage

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  4. More Interesting Porn Stat From 2015

    More Interesting Porn Stat From 2015

    Earlier this week we pointed to some interest stat from OkCupid from 2015, but no one has more stats than Pornhub. They've got a ton of stats and neatly put it all together with graphs, maps, and charts for your enjoyment. There are lots of interesting stats including the search term "lesbian" has become number one during 2015, unseating the previous "teen" that's been the top search term for many years. There's even stats on how sporting events affected porn surfing. (traffic went down 25% during the Super Bowl) or how about there are people who watch porn on their Nintendo 3DS? Check out their page for the massive collection of data and see how your preference stacks up. info via

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  5. Interesting Stats From OkCupid for 2015

    Interesting Stats From OkCupid for 2015

    It's been a couple weeks since New Years but one of the things we love about January is that many companies post statistics from the previous year. The dating site OkCupid just release some very interesting data from 2015. One stat you may or may not wanted to know is their "People who are virgins" sorted by state. Almost 20% of OkCupid users in Utah claimed to be Virgin. There are many other interesting fact from the breakdown of those who prefers to be tied up rather than the tying, and masturbation frequencies. Checkout their results for all the numbers they collected. info via OkCupid

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  6. GuyFi Masturbation Booth In New York

    GuyFi Masturbation Booth In New York

    With 39% of workers masturbating at work, it seems like many people are too sexually stressed. The company Hot Octopuss has turned the former phone booth in New York into a "GuyFi" booth. What's Guyfi you ask? It's a male masturbation booth offering privacy in the form of curtains and high-speed internet connection if you need some HD porn. We can think of a few more things to add to the booth, like a heater? The booth seems to have debuted recently and everyone in the picture has winter coats on so it would be mighty cold to use this right now. What do you think? Would you masturbate in public even in a semi private manner? GuyFi Masturbation Booth In NY sunny day

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  7. Over One-Third Of People Masturbate At Work

    Over One-Third Of People Masturbate At Work

    According to the survey given by TimeOut, 39 percent of people masturbate at work. 39 percent! That's a disturbingly large percentage. Just imagine all the places you've ever worked at and the amount of co-workers, 39% of those likely masturbated there. We supposed masturbation on the go is easier than ever. With everyone having smartphones now and all the free porn you would ever want online, masturbation on the fly is easier than ever. Especially with tons of compact discreet mastubators you can get like TENGA Pocket, or Groomins. Of course we believe that the condition and cleanliness of the work bathroom itself has a large affect on the percentage, but then again we might be underestimating everyone's

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  8. Year Of The Monkey – TENGA Cup Special Monkey Edition

    Year Of The Monkey – TENGA Cup Special Monkey Edition

    A new year is here and that means a new animal for the Asian zodiac. This year is the year of the Monkey and TENGA has continued their New Year tradition of their special animal zodiac edition for their Deep Throat Cup. TENGA Year of the Monkey special edition cup front TENGA Year of the Monkey special edition cup side TENGA Year of the Monkey special edition cup back After all these TENGA New Years special edition cup, 2012's

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  9. Anime Upskirt Umbrella Is Real

    Anime Upskirt Umbrella Is Real

    If you have ever looked up from your umbrella disappointed wishing you saw something more.... interesting, there's now an umbrella for you. The Akihabara Gamers Shop's twitter recently posted pictures of a new product that's sure to have you looking up more on rainy days. A Japanese company called MGP (Million Girls Project) has come up with a series of anime upskirt umbrella. The outer design of the umbrella has an anime character's head illustration. Open the umbrella to expose the cartoon upskirt illustration. Two panties design are available with solid navy or stripped option. The price of this umbrella you ask? It'll set you back 4622 yen or about $40USD. anime upskirt umbrella outer design anime upskirt umbrella inner design

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  10. Meiki Plush Makes A Great Art Piece

    Meiki Plush Makes A Great Art Piece

    Alexandra Bircken is a German artist that makes really cool art using everything from Aprilia Motorcycle to wood and textile. When she turn her attention to the Meiki Plush Doll and transformed it into one of her art piece, we were blown away with how cool it looked. Here are some pictures of the Meiki Plush at her exhibitions. Meiki Plush Makes Great Art Back Meiki Plush Makes Great Art Exhibit Berlin Meiki Plush Makes Great Art Museum Bojimans Van Beuningen She does some really great thing with many other

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