May 22, 2014

As of late I have been involved in heated debates over American and Japanese made masturbators. Basically these conversations revolve around lack of realism on the American’s side. I'd like to think that us fellow American’s can whip together a fairly realistic looking and feeling masturbator. Alas, I haven’t really seen one ready for the public…yet…wink wink. The Satomi Nomiya Perversion Replica solidifies this debate in many ways. The Japanese currently have us beat when it comes to realism. Mainly because this toy’s outer structure is insanely realistic. Not only to look at but also to touch. Allow me to break it down for you.
Sensation & Feeling: 4.4/5
I am going to quickly run through this for sake of not coming off as redundant. Another 30 minute review said enough in my mind. The process to replicate Satomi Nomiya lady parts must have been an artistic achievement on some level. To make this experience even more enjoyable, you can view most of the process on the DVD that is included. I have seen plenty of pussy replicas but this one seems to stand above the rest. You can actually pull on the lips if you so desire and this added 3D effect just gives it that special something. The whole look is astounding. The inner tunnel is lined with a series of nubs that are noticeable while using the toy. The only problem is that I wish they went all out and went the Meiki Maria Ozawa route. Just to keep the ultra-realism theme of the toy going. It is a pleasure to use, don’t get me wrong. I just longed for something more. To me it was like buying a gorgeous mansion, only to get inside and find out it’s a hell hole. The way the toy is set up is also a plus. The dimensions makes it easy to hold and once you have topped out in the toy the felling of the toy nestled in your lap cradling your business is pretty fantastic. Plus you can easily put it into any position you fancy with relative ease.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.2/5
Usually I manhandle the hell out of my onaholes in order to clean them. This of course results in me tearing the hell out of the initial entrance. Which in turn makes my heart sad. With this toy that is simply not the case at all. The first initial entrance is almost like a tiny O-Ring stuffed under the layer of silicone. Not only does this give a nice tight realistic initial penetration upon using the toy, but it also stretches like crazy when it needs to. Enough for you to get some fingers and a wash cloth in to clean the tunnel out. I was actually shocked that this ring didn’t tear. At all. I went to town on it while cleaning it and nothing happened. I am also proud to announce that nothing from the inner tunnel came out with the cloth. No broken nubs or anything. Unbelievably tough. Plus the material used doesn’t really require a coating of corn starch after cleaning. It dries back to its original touch.  I do however plead with you all to buy a bottle of Berman Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner. You guys need to protect your toys and your investment. The last thing you want is mold growing inside the nooks and crannies of your toy. So by all means protect it!!!
Price & Performance: 3.9/5
The price for me is what hurts this toy. There are a few contenders that match the price point of this toy. The one I can really vouch for is the Meiki Cherry 2, probably one of my favorite mid-sized hip replicas. So to pit it against the Satomi Nomiya is a tough battle. However, all things considered the Meiki Cherry 2 beats it. I seriously think that if this was about $30 to $40 dollars cheaper this thing would sell like crazy. Luckily for you fellow reader, there is a price alert button below that add to cart button. I highly suggest you hold out a bit till the price drops. Either way I would still be rather torn waiting that long, because the more I use this toy, the more I freaking love it. I am starting to think that this may be a top contender for the best toy list for 2014.
Final Thoughts & Score: 4.2/5
To sum it all up this boils down to a money issue. I have stated my case to the best of my ability, it’s all up to you now what decision you make. If you’re looking for something that is going to feel great against your skin once you reached the very end of the tunnel, this is it. It just look so amazing that you may find yourself staring at it longer than you will actually be using it. If you happen to get your hands on one make sure you leave your own user review on the product page. Or hit me up and tell me what you thought. I always love hearing from you guys. Until next time, stay safe and don’t hurt anyone.