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Meiki Cherry 2

From the maker of Meiki Sister masturbator series and Meiki Pure Hip masturbator comes the Meiki Cherry 2 masturbator. The Meiki Cherry 2 masturbator is a scaled down two-hand use masturbator and the upgrade of their original Cherry.


The Meiki Cherry 2 is a dual-hole product combining the best structures from the Koko's other popular product. The vaginal path has realistic textures and structure similar to the one you'll find in Meiki Sister Series and Pure Hip. The anal structure is similar in texture and structure to their anal product Tong Ggo. The material of Meiki Cherry 2 is the same as the material in the popular Meiki Sister Series. It is a soft material that is on par with Meiki Up/Down but just a small margin firmer. The color has also been upgraded in 2011 to be much more realistic and may be a different shade than pictured depending on batch.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

Additional Information

TD Rating 4 of 5
Designed In South Korea
Brands KOKOS
Material TPE
Usability Reusable
Simulation Vaginal, Anal
# of Holes Two
Construction Single Layer
Hole Design Closed Hole
Lotion Included No
Softness 7
Dimension (L x W x H in.) 6 x 9 x 5.5
Tunnel Dimension (in.) No
Special Features No
Warranty None
Turn In Value 10% of the purchased price
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Total : 42 Reviews
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Grade: A- Review by s
Experience: Intermediate (4 - 10 products owned) Age: 18 - 24 Length: 4 - 6 Inches Girth: N/A
I have never bought a hip and this was my first one. I have many of the top selling sleeves on this site, however.

It's single-layer, so it feels different to many of the sleeves like the ZXY or Maria, but that isn't a bad thing; I used this until I couldn't anymore; that's how good it is.

Being a relatively larger toy, it has some weight to it. It feels great coming down and slamming on your lap. Or you can position it for hands-free use.

Some quick cons:
- It smells like cherry. I didn't know that until unboxing. Not a fan of that.
- I rarely used the anal cavity. It seemed to deteriorate easily and that caused it to dry up. (Posted on July 23, 2015)

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality
Cons: Value

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Its weight provides more realistic feeling, but cleanup may be an issue Review by Wormhead
Experience: Intermediate (4 - 10 products owned) Age: 35 - 44 Length: 4 - 6 Inches Girth: 2 - 3 Inches
My takes ...

1. If you are looking for a toy that will provide a lot of stimulation, you may be better off with products like Sujiman Kupa Lolinco, Virgin Age Admission/Entrance, or Secret Lover Himekano. If you are looking for a larger toy that provides more stimulation than Meiki Cherry 2, then consider something like Kaitai Shinsho. Compared to these four products, Meiki Cherry 2 is not designed to get you off quickly. (Not to mention, these three are lighter than Meiki Cherry 2, so they are easier to stroke.)

2. Thicker lubrication is most likely to provide the maximum sensation.

3. Meiki Cherry 2 has no flush hole, so clean may be a chore compared to onahips with flush hole. (May be easier to manage if you first fill a tub, sink, or a washing basin with water first, then immerse MC2. Also, easy way of prematurely damaging a toy is to treat it roughly during clean up.) In addition, because it has large surface area, it needs to be powdered more often. Otherwise, MC2's skin will easily accumulate dust, lint, and hair.

4. Compared to one-hand strokers, Meiki Cherry 2 will feel more realistic simply due to its weight. You cannot use MC2 to go over the edge as easily as light-weight onaholes.

5. Meiki Cherry 2, as well as other large toys, can pose a problem if you need to tuck it away from prying eyes often. It cannot be hidden as easily as smaller onaholes.

6. Although the anal opening appears smaller than the vaginal opening, there is no significant difference in sensation.

7. Meiki Cherry 2 is a single-layer design, so it will not tear apart as easily as something like Kaitai Shinsho which has more complicated (hence more fragile) construction (dual-layered and has internal bone-like structure).

8. If Meiki Cherry 2's price tag is a major issue, then consider something like Secret Lover Himekano. It is a one-hand stroker, but has tits & ass -- pretty cute! Think of it as a mini version of Kaitai Shinsho without internal bone structure. (Posted on July 22, 2015)

Pros: Usability, Quality, Value

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Great feeling but lacking durability Review by Al
Experience: N/A Age: N/A Length: N/A Girth: N/A
This was the first hip product I have purchased (after having been scared off by the price of some of the others) and it was well worth it while it lasted. The toy is a bit on the heavy side which can make some positions awkward since its small but overall everything seems to work like you'd expect. The sensations are amazing, best single layer hole I've used. The first time the entrance on both vaginal and anal are a bit small but accommodate well with time. The stretch there also helps with cleaning which was not as bad as expected. A bit tough to dry though. My only real complaint is that it didn't last more than four months of use. A small tear on the inside of the vaginal canal quickly broke the thing near in two. I know most people haven't seemed to have issues so it's likely this was just a minor flaw in my mold which caused it to fail. If it was a bit cheaper I'd be more forgiving but 1 star off for that. Otherwise it's a great toy and I'm sure I'll be getting another one soon. (Posted on July 3, 2015)

Pros: Sensation
Cons: Quality

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As real is it gets, but Review by Lawrence
Experience: Beginner (1 - 5 products owned) Age: 45+ Length: 6 - 8 Inches Girth: 4 - 5 Inches
Of the devices I have (Vortex, Sex in a Can, and this one), the Meiki Cherry is the best. First, holding onto it adds something that a fleshlight just can't deliver: the fantasy of engaging a real body. Never mind that it's kind of child-sized. The shape really isn't, so it's easy to imagine any size partner you wish. Also, it feels to me more real inside. The Vortex and SIAC are excellent for an extended wank -- they're a little bit smoother and softer inside. But the Meiki Cherry feels closer to a real vagina. (Disclosure: My dick, measured from the top side, of course, is just 6" and the Meiki Cherry is a perfect fit for me )

Washing it is easier than I thought it would be -- I could get my fingers are the way to the bottom with some pushing. If there is any drawback, it's having to keep it powdered up with cornstarch. (Posted on June 29, 2015)

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality, Value

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Good Product Review by jesus
Experience: N/A Age: N/A Length: N/A Girth: N/A
Ill be honest here, when youve already had the EPH, nothing seems to compare. This is alot more easier to use and firmer. Anal Canal internals are not good, just a generic through hole that is ribbed. Vaginal Canal is better. (Posted on June 27, 2015)

Pros: Sensation, Usability, Quality, Value

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Product Questions

How private is shipping with this product?
What is TD Rating in product specs?
Hi, can I ask if this masturbator is condom friendly? As most condoms are pre-lubricated? Thanks.
What are the dimensions?
can i turn this inside out to clean ?

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