1. Video Review: Geki-Fera Vacuum Aika

    Video Review: Geki-Fera Vacuum Aika
    Believe it or not, PornHub can become rather boring after the first initial 100 hours of viewing wears off. By this time you have seen it all. Tiny Teens. Stepdaughter wakes up Stepdad. Schoolgirl gets punished by Teacher for bad grades. Clown makes balloon animals out of used condoms. Whatever floats your boats is at the tips of your fingers just waiting for the search bar. Well, I thought I exhausted all avenues. Until I opened the pages to the world of Japanese porn and all the AV actresses it has to offer. Sure this is a big world and it’s not exactly hidden in the shadows. It has a huge fan base obviously but alas it’s an area I never really ventured in for too long. Mainly because of the needless censorship of all the bits that matter. Makes no sense to me at all! Anyways, Japanese porn houses some of the most gorgeous woman in the industry and Aika is one of them. So it is no surprise that NPG would make a toy b
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  2. Video Review: The Quattro Gichigichi Natural Girl

    Video Review: The Quattro Gichigichi Natural Girl
    The Quattro Gichigichi Natural Girl is one of those masturbators that shouldn’t work. It has problems that only become apparent after a dozen or so uses. For example, its softness and the anal entrance being too thin for its own good.  So this written review may have a few extra insights that my video review did not.  This will be one of those rare times where it pays to be a reader. With that said let me explain why my opinions have changed since I filmed this review.
    Sensation & Feeling: 4.1/5
    Originally I loved this toy. I
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  3. Video Review: Tenga Flip Hole Zero

    Video Review: Tenga Flip Hole Zero
    It pays to read these written reviews sometimes dearest reader and this is one of those times. As you will hopefully see from the video review we were forced to step out of our norm and into the dark ages of when I first started doing video reviews over 6 years ago. YouTube loves to mess with uploaders and I am no exception to this rule. Long story short, here we find ourselves. Using written words to help explain the wonders of the Tenga Flip Hole Zero that I simply couldn’t sum up in less than ten minutes. Enjoy!
    Sensation & Feeling: 4.5/5
    I have been a huge advocate of Tenga since I first tried one of their flip holes years ago. It is leaps and bounds farther away from a normal masturbator you can possibly get.  
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  4. Video Review: Magic Eye's Sujiman Kupa Cocolo Masturbator

    Video Review: Magic Eye's Sujiman Kupa Cocolo Masturbator

    Normally when I sit down at my laptop to write my review on my latest sex toy I am troubled at finding clever ways to not sound redundant. I feel like I say enough during the video that I don’t need to go on a thousand word rant spewing the same information at you. However, this time that is not the case at all. Thanks to the fantastic people at YouTube I have been slapped with a Copy Right infringement thingy. Or whatever the hell these ass clowns call it. So all of my videos now need to be below 15 minutes. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes to a toy such as the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo you really need to discuss the ins and outs at great length. Or at least enough to show just how fantastic this toy can be at times. I don’t see any YouTube Nazis ar

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  5. Video Review: Lust Gimmick Masturbator

    Video Review: Lust Gimmick Masturbator
    Magic Eyes has an knack for creating some of the strangest masturbators I have ever had the pleasure to review. If the "Monster" line of toys has taught me anything, it's this. Apparently men enjoy watching Japanese tentacle sex flicks and dreaming about screwing monster woman, because obviously there is a market for this stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love me some hentai porn as much as any other normal law abiding citizen, but still I'm left scratching my head when toys like the
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  6. Video Review: Satomi Nomiya Perversion Replica Masturbator

    Video Review: Satomi Nomiya Perversion Replica Masturbator
    As of late I have been involved in heated debates over American and Japanese made masturbators. Basically these conversations revolve around lack of realism on the American’s side. I'd like to think that us fellow American’s can whip together a fairly realistic looking and feeling masturbator. Alas, I haven’t really seen one ready for the public…yet…wink wink. The Satomi Nomiya Perversion Replica solidifies this debate in many ways. The Japanese currently have us beat when it comes to realism. Mainly because this toy’s outer structure is insanely realistic. Not only to look at but also to touch. Allow me to break it down for you.
    Sensation & Feeling: 4.4/5
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  7. Video Review: Meiki Half Hera Hip Auto Masturbator

    Video Review: Meiki Half Hera Hip Auto Masturbator

    I have tried a lot of hip replicas since I stared reviewing for ToyDemon. You would think that after awhile the allure would fade away and be replaced with repetition. That they would all start to look and feel the same with only a few slight differences. Sometimes this does happen and I am faced with mild disappointment. However, no matter how many hip replicas I review I will always have that "carnal" desire to own everyone I see. In order to spice things up and steer clear of repetition I decided to try an auto version hip this go around and ToyDemon was generous enough to send one my way. The Meiki Half Hera Hip Auto has its ups and downs like most toys do. So lets go ahead and break this baby down.

    Sensation & Feeling: 3.9/5
    The Meiki Half Hera Hip has two realistic
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  8. Video Review: Superb Fella 3 Masturbator

    Video Review: Superb Fella 3 Masturbator

    I have a large collection of oral sex simulators in my closet. I very rarely ever reach for them when I feel the urge for self gratification. This alone upsets me. To see so many companies take a stab at what you would think would be fairly easy, only to produce a toy that is lackluster at best. However, I have had a recent public outcry from my viewers to review A-One's newest version of their oral sex toy the Superb Fella 3. So against my better judgment I dove in completely skeptical only to be left overwhelmed. Finally I found the one that I am proud to slap a "Buy it!" seal of approval on!

    Sensation & Feeling: 4.3/5
    The Superb Fella 3 is specially designed to emulate a realistic 69 oral position. At first I though, saying that is one thing, but actually producing
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  9. Video Review: Meikino Syoumei 09 Rola Misaki Masturbator

    Video Review: Meikino Syoumei 09 Rola Misaki Masturbator
    Rola Misaki, Rola Miaski, Rola Misaki. This woman's beauty makes me want to stand in front of a mirror in a dark bathroom and say her name aloud in a a feeble attempt that she will magically appear behind me. Hook for a hand or not, I wouldn't give two doo-doo's!!!! I freaking love Rola Misaki. Now only if I shared the same love of her glorious beauty as I did her onahole that is loosely based on her then we may have a new number one on my list. However, given a few loosely put together pieces to the puzzle this onahole lacks the power to knock the ZXY
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  10. Video Review: ToysHeart's Slut Announcer Masturbator

    Video Review: ToysHeart's Slut Announcer Masturbator

    I have had a love affair with ToysHeart for a long time now and it's pretty public. Even though there are some pretty lack luster toys out there from ToysHeart, the good outweigh the bad. Also if you are in the market for an onahole that comes equipped with boobs, then there is simply no other company out there with such a wide array for you to choose from. In that line up lies the Slut Announcer. A toy that playfully mimics a Japanese TV announcer...kinda...well...not really...okay not at all. If you focus on the concept too hard and from what the toy actually is, this toy falls apart fast. Even though

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