ToyDemon's Half Way Best Of 2014
It's hard to imagine that over half of 2014 has passed. We've had a lot of stuff coming in for the first half of 2014. Just in case you've miss them, here's some of the best new items so far for 2014. After Monster Wet Real taking the runner up for ToyDemon's best sleeve for 2013, the limited hard edition is definitely one of the highlights of 2014. By making the material harder, they have upped the stimulation and tightness it offers. Being limited edition, it may likely be gone before you know it. Since we are talking about new Magic Eyes products, we would have to mention La Bocca Della Verita. La Bocca Della Verita is Magic Eye's first oral sleeve and one of the most realistic yet on the market. There's too many features to list them all here so be sure to click the picture for more information on Toydemon. Magic Eyes really have kick things off in 2014, their Lust Gimmick, Melt, and other limited hard editions are all worth a consideration.   If small and reusable is your thing, then look no further than Chu! 3 and 4. Each Chu has a textured stimulation area on the bottom and a vacuum chamber at the top for a better suction. The third and forth in the series bring new textures in the same size as the original.   Maybe disposable cup is more your thing then try the disposable TENGA SD Cups for something stimulating and super easy to clean up. TENGA has chosen their most popular Deep Throat Cup for their SD versions available in original, soft, and hard editions. This year, there's also been a couple of notable sleeves with new unique features. Long Slide with its refreshing reverse pull masturbation concept and Orb Warmer that bring active warmth to your experience. Just check out this funny video of Long Slide from the maker. [video id="w2AfjzQ-jdc" site="youtube"][/video]   The most exciting item for us at ToyDemon so far this year would have to be the first ToyDemon and ToysHeart's collaboration. The ToyDemon x ToysHeart Vanessa & Co Shape Up Lotion is one of the go-to lotion for masturbation in Japan. Some of you may remember we blogged about a documentary in Japan about sexual health workers for the disable. This was their lotion of choice for their client's masturbation needs.   2014 has been a great year for male masturbators and we're still only in the summer. With many more projects in the works from all the manufacturers, 2014 could be the best male masturbation year yet!