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ORB Warmer

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ToyDemon is excited to be the first to bring Men's Max Japan's product to the USA. This is their ORB Warmer masturbator.
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At ToyDemon, one of our missions is to make new and exciting products from around the world available in the USA. We are happy to continue that tradition by being the first to offer Men's Max Japan's product in the USA.

The ORB Warmer is the most unique product offered by Men's Max Japan. As the name suggest, the ORB's specialty has something to do with warmth. Next to the entrance hole of the ORB Warmer are parallel slits. Two mini warming stick can be taken out and activated by bending the inside metal piece and inserted back into the ORB to bring a warmth sensation to the hole. This warmth is felt longer and more direct than the current hole warmer that starts to cool down as soon as it's taken out.

The interior stimulation is separated into 3 main area. The main tunnel in the middle called “Narrow belt” is a flat tunnel with only 1 mm opening clearance. Lined with tiny textures, this creates a tight and hugging sensation. The next area is the “Eternity ring” where a ring of round nubs ups the stimulation. The last area is the “Seed pearl bowl”, a tiny vacuum chamber lined with small nubs to hug around the head.

To use the warmer, slide the warmer pouch out from the onahole. Bend the metal piece inside until it makes a click sound and starts to get hard and warm up. Slide the warmer back in completely inside its chamber. (without any part of the warmer sticking out into the tunnel) Lube up the sleeve and you're ready to go. To recharge the warmer, place the warmer in boiling water for 5 minutes until the contents become liquid again. (Do not microwave)

Men's Max and ORB Warmer with it's internal warming is a great addition to ToyDemon.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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