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Monster Wet Real Hard Edition

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With the success of the original “Monster Wet Real” masturbator, Magic Eyes has decided to give it a limited “Hard” treatment. The Monster Wet Real Hard Limited Edition is now available for summer 2014!
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Fans of Japanese masturbators knows about the rise of Magic Eyes sleeve in recent times. Their Monster Wet Real last year was picked as the runner-up on ToyDemon Best Sleeve of 2013. With the many sleeves that came out on the market in 2013, this was quite a feat. Magic Eyes has finally decided to give Monster Wet Real its “Hard” treatment. Monster Wet Real Hard Limited Edition is now available for summer 2014!

For those who are not familiar with the series, Magic Eyes combine realistic skin and flesh looking textures and upgrade them to "Monster" like proportions. The end result is an onahole that looks like it came from a Monster but is sure to have you in wet ecstasy.

For the Monster Wet Real, they must have gone to their top designer and said "Go nuts!". The Monster Wet Real has tons of folds, bumps, grooves, and other flesh like structures throughout. 3D drawings, cross cut , and stretched opened entrance pictures just can't do Monster Wet Real's complicated interior justice.

Monster Wet Real is also a dual-layer type design. Dual-layer design is where the outside of the masturbator is made from a soft material while the inside is lined with a harder more stimulating material. This made it possible to have a nice and soft feel while holding the masturbator while the inside is very stimulating due to the second material. The Hard Edition as the name implies, it is made from a more springy and less give material for its dual layers. This make the item much tighter and more stimulating than the original.

A nice sized bottle of lotion from the original is also included with Monster Wet Real Hard Limited Edition to get you going right away. At a length of almost 7 inches by 3 inches, Monster Wet Real Hard Limited Edition is one heavy hitter. Being a limited edition, fan of the original or Magic Eyes should not miss this chance as the hard edition is only available for a limited time.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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