Medical Sex Worker In Japan
VICE has some cool and unique videos/documentaries and ToyDemon has been a fan of them. We just noticed that they have a VICE Japan Channel on YouTube. Recently they posted a video about a Medical Sex Worker in Japan working for "White Hands". Certified medical caregivers that helps the disabled with Ejaculation Assistance. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. It's actually something that's nice for the disabled but we don't see this happening any time soon in any other country. If you have about 18 minutes to spare, it's something unique to checkout. (Video is in Japanese with English subtitles) Things have been blurred out but some viewers may find the scenes disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. There's also a new video with English subtitles about a 50 year old Japanese guy who as a hobby and out of boredom, dress in Sailor Uniform. It all started from a free Ramen noodle promotion where anyone over 30 dressed in school uniform gets free noodles from a shop and evolved from there. Some viewers may find a bald 50 year old with full beard in sailor uniform disturbing. You've been warned. [video id="PsPo8jZpncQ" site="youtube"][/video] If you understand Japanese (no subtitles), they've got another video of the Japanese AV actress Tsubomi also known as "Goddess of the Erotic World" or "Queen of Akihabara". Some of you may recognize her as the AV actress on Clone Meiki Tsubomi and Hot Tutor Tsubomi [video id="E5lRoJF79qE" site="youtube"][/video] videos via VICEjpch