reward points

  1. ToyDemon December 2020 Member Holiday Perks!

    Reward Points on Xmas Day!

    First of all, we'd like to apologize for the delay on the Perks for December. Black Friday was very busy for us and everything has been pushed back because we are prioritizing on getting orders out the door. Now that we are caught up, we have time to...

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  2. ToyDemon November 2020 Member Perks!

    Double Rewards and Early BF Access!

    It's Black Friday month! We hope everyone keeps staying safe and healthy and that 2021 will be a much better year.

    The first perk for this November is that all the Reward Pts are doubled for Silver to Demon members. This means that SIlver members...

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  3. ToyDemon October 2020 Member Perks

    Registered Members Save More!*

    Fall is here and before we know it, 2020 is coming to an end, FINALLY! Nothing too special this month, just free reward points for our loyal members. Please remember they will expire by end of October, so make sure to use them!

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  4. ToyDemon Community GIVEAWAY #5!

    ToyDemon Community GIVEAWAY #5!

    Thanks to everyone that participated in the giveaway #4. Six winners was awarded with $25 worth of reward points in their Toydemon account.

    This week we want to see if you guys have any great ideas when it comes to contest/giveaway topics...

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  5. ToyDemon Community GIVEAWAY #4!

    ToyDemon Community GIVEAWAY #4!

    So our Community Giveaway #3 is now finished, 3 lucky winners were drawn and will be receiving their TOMAX Venus Real onahole very...

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  6. ToyDemon May 2020 Member Perks

    ToyDemon May 2020 Member Perks

    We hope everyone had a safe and uneventful April. ToyDemon is very thankful to remain operational throughout all this and we appreciate all the support and kind words we have received back from our customers. Rest assured that we are taking all precautions...

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  7. Use Reward Points in Side-cart!

    Use Reward Points in Side-cart!

    We have had customers complained that they weren't sure how to use their reward points when they checkout, and then we noticed that a lot of these people were using PayPal Checkout. By connecting the 2 together, we realized that a lot of these customers...

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  8. How to Redeem Reward Points

    How to Redeem Reward Points

    Recently we have received a lot of inquiry about how to use your reward points with Paypal Checkout so we want to take this opportunity to explain it in more details on the blog. If you don't know about our reward points, it is just one of the many perks...

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