ToyDemon Community GIVEAWAY #5!

Thanks to everyone that participated in the giveaway #4. Six winners was awarded with $25 worth of reward points in their Toydemon account.

This week we want to see if you guys have any great ideas when it comes to contest/giveaway topics. Our thoughts here is rather than coming up with contest topics that answers our questions, why not involve everyone and see what questions you have as long as the question involves the participation of the community. Any topic(s) we end up selecting to use for future contest/giveaway will be awarded with $25 to your account.

How to Enter:
1. Upvote this post. (Community Giveaway #5: $25 Reward Points for ideas?)
2. Reply the post that answer the question: "What's a interesting topic you would like the community to answer?"

$25 in Reward Points

Winner(s) will be picked on 6/12/2020 @ 12pm CDT.

* One entry per person, any account spamming will result in disqualification.
** You must have a toydemon account in order to post in the community.
*** Points from this contest will not expire.