Use Reward Points in Side-cart!

We have had customers complained that they weren't sure how to use their reward points when they checkout, and then we noticed that a lot of these people were using PayPal Checkout. By connecting the 2 together, we realized that a lot of these customers were using the PayPal Checkout button directly in the side-cart!

Since they weren't going to the check out page to get to the last step to apply points, they couldn't apply their points!

We worked hard with our development team and have made a fix, now you can apply your reward points in the side-cart without needing to go to checkout!

If you have any points available, it will show up in the side-cart like this:

Sidecart Rewards

SImply click on "Use" and it will apply all your points, and you can continue to checkout however you like! If you decided you want to save your points for later, then just click "Cancel", it's that simple!

Hopefuly this makes the check out experience that much easier for everyone.