Video Review: Geki-Fera Vacuum Aika
Believe it or not, PornHub can become rather boring after the first initial 100 hours of viewing wears off. By this time you have seen it all. Tiny Teens. Stepdaughter wakes up Stepdad. Schoolgirl gets punished by Teacher for bad grades. Clown makes balloon animals out of used condoms. Whatever floats your boats is at the tips of your fingers just waiting for the search bar. Well, I thought I exhausted all avenues. Until I opened the pages to the world of Japanese porn and all the AV actresses it has to offer. Sure this is a big world and it’s not exactly hidden in the shadows. It has a huge fan base obviously but alas it’s an area I never really ventured in for too long. Mainly because of the needless censorship of all the bits that matter. Makes no sense to me at all! Anyways, Japanese porn houses some of the most gorgeous woman in the industry and Aika is one of them. So it is no surprise that NPG would make a toy based off of her. With this the Geki-Ferra Vacuum Aika is born and brought into the sex toy world. The only question left to ask is if the toy is as sexy as her and does it perform as well as she does in all her vivid videos? Well…let us find out together shall we.
The answer is no. There are a few specific reasons why this toy doesn’t perform well as an oral sex simulator. The main one being the large and rather floppy mouth. This gaping hole allows air to be pushed out of the toy rather easily which in turn breaks any suction the toy has to offer. So the gently tugging and sucking sensations that you would get from…let’s say the La Bocca Della Verita is simply nonexistent here. This is a massive shame. The U shaped tongue is the only saving grace here really. When you use the toy it cradles the underside of your penis nicely and the textured tongue feels as realistic as it can get.  However moving deeper into the toy you are meet with a rather rough inner texture that felt a little too tight and irritating to me. I feel if one were to use this toy for a prolonged period of time they might just irritate the skin or head of their penis. After only a few short minutes my head became red and irritated to the point I simply had to stop use. This is something I have never really encountered before.  Even though the dual layer is rather thin it is still enough to be too rough, killing the sensation overall. So at the end of the day you’re left with an onahole basically and not a very good one at that.
Now here is where the wide open mouth design comes in super handy. You can pry this baby open with relative ease and have no fear of ripping or tearing the toy at all. The shallow tunnel also allows you to reach the end of the tunnel with no trouble whatsoever. So clean up here is simple and care free. You can always pat the toy with a little cornstarch after use to bring back the soft skin like feeling. I wouldn’t however suggest turning the toy inside out. This may cause too much stress on the dual layer and may actually rip it away from the outer material. So please use caution and do not attempt this. Then guys all you’ll need to do is spray a little bit if anti-bacterial toy cleaner and be on your merry ol’ way.
Here comes the pain of reviewing oral sex toys. The La Bocca Della Verita will always be my number one oral sex simulator. Just like the Maria Ozawa and the ZXY will always be my favorite onaholes of all time.  The Geki-Fera retails for $33.95 but for a dollar less you can get the La Bocca and of course I am going to tell you to get that instead. I would be an idiot not to tell you that. So the battle wages on for best oral sex toy and right now the Geki-Fera doesn’t come close to pushing her off her throne. It’s largely due to the fact that it doesn’t perform as an oral sex simulator should which is the real killer here. So fellas if you’re looking go for the La Bocca.
Not a whole lot left to say. I wish NPG went into this with a little bit of a finer toothed comb and saw the troubles lying in the wings. That big floppy mouth simply hurt this toy beyond repair. Maybe we will see a second version of this in the future but for right now stick with the La Bocca.