April 26, 2017

It pays to read these written reviews sometimes dearest reader and this is one of those times. As you will hopefully see from the video review we were forced to step out of our norm and into the dark ages of when I first started doing video reviews over 6 years ago. YouTube loves to mess with uploaders and I am no exception to this rule. Long story short, here we find ourselves. Using written words to help explain the wonders of the Tenga Flip Hole Zero that I simply couldn’t sum up in less than ten minutes. Enjoy!
Sensation & Feeling: 4.5/5
I have been a huge advocate of Tenga since I first tried one of their flip holes years ago. It is leaps and bounds farther away from a normal masturbator you can possibly get.  The simple reason behind this is that Tenga doesn’t aim for the norm. In fact they swerve away from it like the plague. Instead what you get from Tenga’s twisted imagination is an abstract landscape of utter bliss for your penis to drive through. Each step deeper inside is a whole new experience.  Unmatched by anything you are going to find anywhere else.  With this newest version from Tenga you get much of the same with a few new renditions of the original classic. The new Zero is sleeker and more user friendly with its easier to use coupling system. The whole setup reminds me of a Beats by Dre pill to be honest. This doesn’t hurt the usability at all, in fact in my opinion it enhances it. The entire thing fits in the palm of your hand perfectly leaving it hard for me to find any faults at all here.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.8/5
Cleaning the Flip Hole Zero is a breeze due to the patent flip open design. You simply flip it open, rinse it out, spray some anti-bacterial cleaner and allow it to dry. It’s really that simple. The only downside is that there are a lot of nooks and crannies for moisture to hide so you’ll have to be diligent when it comes to drying. Other than that it is insanely simple to clean.
Price & Performance:  4.4/5
It is a little pricey at a lil’ under $100. Even so, nothing comes close to the sensations you will receive at that price tag. Seriously, the closest you’ll come (Get it! WINK WINK) is with the Vorze SA. That is the one thing you can always bet on when it comes to Tenga. You will never feel anything like it again. So much in fact that no one even dares to copycat their formula.  It looks and feels like it’s from the future and maybe that is where we should turn our attention. Maybe if people rallied around these futuristic toys we could help break the mold of masturbation and step into a new era of pleasure.  Instead of us being forced into glorifying the same ol same ol month after month. Anyway, I digress.  You need to do your penis a favor and buy a Tenga.
Final thoughts and Score: 4.8/5 Buy It!!!
So in closing I want to say that I hate YouTube but I love Tenga! I promise that I will revisit Tenga’s Flip hole again some other day. Until then try it out yourself and tell me what you think. Use all your facets to tell the world that you demand new and exciting toys like Tenga. This way we can change the world! Together! Ione masturbator at a time!