Video Review: The Quattro Gichigichi Natural Girl
The Quattro Gichigichi Natural Girl is one of those masturbators that shouldn’t work. It has problems that only become apparent after a dozen or so uses. For example, its softness and the anal entrance being too thin for its own good.  So this written review may have a few extra insights that my video review did not.  This will be one of those rare times where it pays to be a reader. With that said let me explain why my opinions have changed since I filmed this review.
Sensation & Feeling: 4.1/5
Originally I loved this toy. I would have considered it one of the best new toys from Magic Eyes. It has everything a man would want in a sex toy. It has a supple camel toe design with a semi realistic inner texture that isn’t too overwhelming.  It also has a slightly ribbed, pleasant to use anal entrance that is actually a through hole for easy cleaning.  The checklist all looks good after the first use. It’s only after the 3rd or 4th time around that you begin to notice that its way to soft. I loved this at first but it becomes down right squishy at times and seems to leave the inner texture feeling too flabby in my opinion.  The anal entrance isn’t much to talk about in way of sensation. It’s lightly ribbed and once penetration is achieved its stretches to unnoticeable slickness. On top to this the tunnel is remarkably thin at the bottom. There is practically nothing more than a quarter of an inch of material keeping you from rupturing the tunnel in half. This keeps you from even wanting to use it and to be honest there is no real point. There is no sensation here and why risk ruining your investment. It’s just one of those things that make me wonder why they even bothered. The Quattro Gichigichi Natural Girl is simply to small and soft to have dual entrances. So if you were to ask me now what I would rate it I would have to put it around a 3.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.8/5
This section hasn’t really changed much. Besides the fact that if you do choose to use the anal tunnel it may be a little tedious to try not to rip the toy while cleaning. Other than that it is your standard affair. There isn’t much in the way of dramatic twist or dives in the vaginal tunnel for moisture to hide so cleaning and drying is a relative ease.  I would just avoid the anal entrance all together and never even pay it any attention.  Other than that the score remains the same.
Price & Performance: 4.0/5
This is where the review turns for the worst.  At first this seems like an alright toy for the asking price. It is not too expensive hovering around the $40 mark. The only killer here would be if you owned several other Magic Eyes toys.  Or several other any toys.  It’s just when you look at the list of toys in this price range does the Quattro Gichigichi Natural Girl plummet to the darkest depths of obscurity. That place where you only get one user review and you eventually end up on a “DISCONTINUED” section of this site. There is simply nothing really here to help sell it unless you’re looking for something subtlety realistic feeling.  One would hope that we would see the traditional “Hard” edition of this toy hit the market here in a year or so, but I honestly don’t feel like this will get enough sales to justify such a revamp. So one will have to look elsewhere in the Magic Eyes line up to discover a better masturbator. If I was asked today to grade this toy on price and performance alone I would have to put it at a 2. Final Thoughts & Score: 4.0/5 Highly Recommended…but now it’s more like a 3. I feel you about to ask me: “Jason, so are you telling me that you once loved this toy, but only a few weeks later you don’t anymore?!?! Has this happened before?!?!?! Can we even trust your opinion anymore?!?!? IS THERE EVEN A GOD?!?!?!?!” The answer is simple. I am human just like you and my opinion can change from one of love to meh in an instant. This my sweet reader is how divorces are born.  I thought I liked the Quattro Gichigichi Natural Girl for her…well…natural attributes but that’s what kills it here I think. I wanted more everything. Or less. It needed to be harder and more focus on the vaginal cavity and less focus on the fact that they wanted to push a dual tunnel masturbator. It just needed to be a Sujiman Kupa Roa, and it wasn’t. So there you have it.  Search around and pick something else up for the close to $40 price tag. Because if you asked me what to do now, I would tell you to pass.