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  1. Video Review: Infinity Classic Set

    Video Review: Infinity Classic Set
    There is no question about it now. Toydemon is the number one site to get all of your sex toy needs here in the United States if not the world. However, that is not enough for the fellas down at ToyDemon. They have had their sites on much bigger things as of late. With the release of the Meiki Plush Hip and the Meiki Real it has become increasingly apparent that ToyDemon wants a piece of that toy manufacturing pie. But what is one to do that has not already been done before. Well, I’ll tell ya. You make a toy that is fully customizable to the user. A toy that can change at a flick of the wrist. A toy to end all toys.  That toy of course is the Infinity.
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  2. Video Review: The Quattro Gichigichi Natural Girl

    Video Review: The Quattro Gichigichi Natural Girl
    The Quattro Gichigichi Natural Girl is one of those masturbators that shouldn’t work. It has problems that only become apparent after a dozen or so uses. For example, its softness and the anal entrance being too thin for its own good.  So this written review may have a few extra insights that my video review did not.  This will be one of those rare times where it pays to be a reader. With that said let me explain why my opinions have changed since I filmed this review.
    Sensation & Feeling: 4.1/5
    Originally I loved this toy. I
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  3. Video Review: Gokusai Monster Alraune

    Video Review: Gokusai Monster Alraune
    Whenever I look for something new and utterly unique to do a review on, the first place I look is magic Eye’s website. They are my absolute go to for masturbators that push the envelope of fantasy and reality. So it is no surprise to me that their newest toy in their “Monster” line up does just that. The Gokusai Monster Alraune is a perfect blend of fantasy and reality. They merge these lines to create a handheld masturbator that can fuel any Anime lover’s dreams. Especially if you like tentacle porn. More on this later. What you get with the Gokusai Monster Alraune is a toy that is amazing to hold and look at. Unfortunately, that’s where the boundaries of this toy lie. Like so many others before it, Magic Eyes have put out a Bentley that turns out to be just another POS Chrysler 300.
    Sensation & Feeling: 3.5/5
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  4. Video Review: 'Gloria" Masturbator Review

    Video Review: 'Gloria" Masturbator Review
    Have you ever been dragged to the Golden Corral by your Grand Parents at 3:30 on a Sunday? You kind of want to be excited and at the same time not show how utterly disgusted and disappointed you are to your grand folks. After all, they ARE spending the little bit of money they get from the government to take your ungrateful ass out to the Coral. So what do you do?  You eat the shoe leather steak and the lumpy mash potatoes and smile for old Pee Pop. Yeah, that’s exactly what this year has felt for me when it comes to sex toys. Nothing has come around to make me feel like I am at a Longhorn steak house. Everything has been a long line of disappointing buffet food.  Even so I need to provide reviews for you the people. It’s my duty as XXX Branded. So as I stand here staring at the sneeze guard I decide that Koko’s new hand held masturbator named Gloria is the best choice.
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  5. Video Review: Horny Beauty Mori Nanako

    Video Review: Horny Beauty Mori Nanako

    In the ever changing and evolving world of male masturbators, there is one constant you can bet on. NPG will put out some amazing hand held masturbators. They are the grand wizards of this  art form and reign supreme over the market. The prof is in the pudding. Maria Ozawa and the Infamous ZXY still lead the pack of best sellers and have hundreds of 5 star user ratings. Why??? Because they are amazing and were crafted by geniuses. Now...even with that being said, geniuses can make mistakes. In fact they can make a mistake and never learn from it. That unfortunately is the case with one of their newest realeases the Horny Beauty Mori Nanako. Almost identical to their previously released Meiki no Syoumei 10 Okita Anri, it too shares much of the same problems.  So at the end of the day you are left scratching your head and wondering why? Why NPG? WHY?!?!? You have such an arsenal of great designs and user feedback to work with? Why give us the same ol'same ol' ? I'm going off on a rant he

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  6. Video Review: Real The Sumata Shinsei Review

    Video Review: Real The Sumata Shinsei Review

    Okay, so here is the deal. It is inescapable now. This year has been the weakest by far when it comes to new masturbators being released. Everyone in "Our Lil' Community" is talking about it and it's high time we discussed this issue. The turn out thus far has been so weak I am seriously debating not doing a 'Top Ten' video this year. Even so, if you asked me today what toy manufacturer could pull us out of this hole my list would be pretty short. On top of that list is the great minds over at NPG.  NPG the makers of the ZXY, The Maria Ozawa and the Yen Jyu Yi and numerous other fantastic masturbators. These marvelous God's amongst men surely will be able to help us out of this rut. Maybe in 2017...hopefully, but for us in the here and now, we will just have to pray Santa brings us something amazing come Christmas. Until that day lets settle in and talk about NPG's newest hand held hip masturbator The Real Sumata Shinsei. A sexually appealing hip that falls short when sprinting across

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    It is no secret by now that the Vorze A10 Cyclone SA is the very best male masturbator of all time. Period. Don’t bother to look for something else because nothing comes close to entering the stratosphere of planet Vorze. I love this thing and I use it every time I feel the need. It’s easy to set up, use and clean and the feeling is extraordinary.  What makes the Vorze SA something for the ages is the fact that the toy isn’t locked to one specific sleeve. Vorze has created eight separate but equally fantastic inner sleeves and each one delivers up its own unique sensations.  So with this being said I felt the need to continue to blow my trumpet for Vorze and let you all know that if you own the Vorze SA it is time to buy every sleeve they have and encourage them to make more!  If you don’t own a Vorze yet I feel sorry for you.
    Sensation & Felling
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  8. Video Review: Hera Hip Mini

    Video Review: Hera Hip Mini

    The Hera Hip Mini is the little sister to the infamous Meiki Half Hera Hip. Like most little sisters, the Hera Hip Mini struggles to crawl out of her big sister’s shadow and shine a light of her own. However, just like in most sibling rivalries this one too ends with tears. Simply because there is always something or someone better out there and in the world of hip masturbators…there are dozens. This of course doesn’t mean Hera Hip Mini can’t rock the party al

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  9. Video Review: Magic Eye's Monster Wet Chimera

    Video Review: Magic Eye's Monster Wet Chimera

    It is becoming increasingly easier to suggest Magic Eye masturbators to people as the years roll by. They are leading the market in masturbators when it comes to innovation, design and feel. They never cease to amaze me and there are plenty of masturbators I long and lust to review for you guys that ToyDemon doesn’t carry just yet. With that said it’s easy to assume I have an infatuation with Magic Eye toys and the Monster Wet Chimera mastu

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  10. Video Review: Meiki® Real Masturbator

    Video Review: Meiki® Real Masturbator

    For a real long time now I have been telling people to buy the ZXY or the Maria Ozawa when it comes to male masturbators. Since then both have been on the best sellers list at ToyDemon for over a year and have received dozens of user reviews declaring their love for the toys. It goes without saying that it looked as if 2014 wasn’t going to hold any ground breaking vaginal masturbators. A few came along that showed promise, but they were not good enough to stand upon the 1st place podium with ZXY or Ozawa. Then late this year ToyDemon told me of the

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