Video Review: Infinity Classic Set
There is no question about it now. Toydemon is the number one site to get all of your sex toy needs here in the United States if not the world. However, that is not enough for the fellas down at ToyDemon. They have had their sites on much bigger things as of late. With the release of the Meiki Plush Hip and the Meiki Real it has become increasingly apparent that ToyDemon wants a piece of that toy manufacturing pie. But what is one to do that has not already been done before. Well, I’ll tell ya. You make a toy that is fully customizable to the user. A toy that can change at a flick of the wrist. A toy to end all toys.  That toy of course is the Infinity.
You could sit there and read on for days about how much I loved and still love this toy. It’s truly hard to sum up into one paragraph. Not to mention each loop could rightfully deserve a few hundred words each proclaiming just how good they are. How each loop has its own defining characteristics’? But we all have Fortnite to play so I’ll make this quick. This is the first time using a toy that I was able to feel the difference between each section. Meaning each time I passed through another loop it was highly noticeable. The sensations are reminiscent to the Tenga Flip Hole series. Just a lot softer and more sensual in my opinion.  The inner textures are not hard and unwelcoming like you would expect by simply looking at the pictures. Now I have to say I was on the fence about this one for a while. I truly believed it would be a total let down but after my first session I was taken back a bit on just how fantastic it was. It can and will provide you with a very strong finish that will have you coming back for more. Plus the fact that you can change the sensations by rearranging the loops is incredible. You’ll never have to have the same feeling twice. Not to mention Toydemon is making more loops as we speak so this very well could be the one and only toy you ever need. Now saying that has ToyDemon shot themselves in the foot on this one. I would have to say so simply based on the fact that the Infinity is my only go to toy for the past 3 months. I pass by so many other toys waiting in the wings. It’s kind of a shame but I truly think ToyDemon has landed on greatness with this one and there is nowhere else to go. Or maybe I am completely wrong on this and they are looking at building a hands free version. Now that would be epic.
This is where the Infinity shines the brightest. There has simply never been a toy easier to clean then this. You can easily disconnect each loop and rinse it under a sink after use. Spritz a bit of anti-bacterial toy cleaner on the surface and wipe away. Dab a bit of cornstarch on if you like and Walla, it’s clean. It’s really that freaking simple. If you have ever felt the struggle of cleaning out an onahole before you will be with me on this one. The release of feeling no frustration from cleaning a toy is a godsend in the masturbator world. Most of us dread the cleaning process so much that we end up using condoms with our toys. That’s a damn shame because you lose so much of the sensations by doing this. Well fear no more. I am telling you this toy was a relief to clean. Never fear the clean again. Just get this baby and breathe easy.
Okay, so here is where the infinity loses some points. Not a lot mind you but still a few points have been shaved off. The infinity isn’t exactly cheap and for a newcomer to the masturbation world this may end up being a bit of a shell shock for you. However you need to do a little digging before you jump to conclusions and start thinking that this toy is out to rob you of your money. I say this because no other toy can do what the Infinity can do. It’s in a league all its own so there for it’s hard to imagine where exactly this should land on the price scale. I would like to see this more around the $75 mark myself but once again I have nothing to compare it to. You could try and say it’s like a Fleshlight but that would be dumbing the infinity down.  I don’t know honestly I am torn on this one. One of those rare occasions where even I question my scores. So with that said lets simplify things. Is it worth the asking price? You bet it is. Is there anything comparable to the Infinity? No, not really. Do you think I should buy one? Absolutely!
To wrap this all up I have to say that the Infinity is pretty revolutionary in its own right. It just goes to show what a company can do when it actually listens to its customers and serves up something everyone has been asking for. I cannot wait to see what ToyDemon does next so I guess the wait is now on until they release their next work of art. Until that time comes go out and get Infinity.