Video Review: Lust Gimmick Masturbator
Magic Eyes has an knack for creating some of the strangest masturbators I have ever had the pleasure to review. If the "Monster" line of toys has taught me anything, it's this. Apparently men enjoy watching Japanese tentacle sex flicks and dreaming about screwing monster woman, because obviously there is a market for this stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love me some hentai porn as much as any other normal law abiding citizen, but still I'm left scratching my head when toys like the Lust Gimmick masturbator come my way. So when faced with the challenges of looking past the exterior of these toys I must rely on my penis to tell me if a toy is worth it or not. As you all know by now, my penis is a picky prissy lil bitch.
Sensation & Feeling: 3.5/5
When you boil down the Lust Gimmick masturbator your basically left with the only selling point it has. Underneath the dual layer surface lies three rings. These rings provide a very tight sensation. Pushing through each individual ring can be enjoyable and frustrating. For me at least it seemed pretty hard to get past the third ring. Coupled with the fact that the tunnel is rather short and not exactly lined with any great texture to speak of, this onahole falls a bit short. I would love to see Magic Eyes implement this ring idea into a much larger onahole. The Lust Gimmick has some great ideas, unfortunately the size of the toy isn't ideal for me.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 3.0/5
In the normal scheme of things, onaholes are rather easy to clean. However, given the fact that this toy is rather tight and the outer lip structure is weak, cleaning is not as easy. So if your a brute like I am, you need to approach this toy with extreme caution in order to insure that the opening doesn't tear. This is also one of those toys where a bottle of anti-bacterial toy cleaner is a necessity.
Price & Performance: 4.0/5
The Magic Eyes Lust Gimmick masturbator is reasonably priced and well worth it for someone to be introduced to Magic Eyes. Although there are plenty of other onaholes out there that outrank this one, the inner rings push this to the forefront. So this becomes a bit of a battle for me when it comes to putting a number on this toy. It's about 50/50 for me to be honest. However, if the Lust Gimmick was priced ten dollars higher, I would probably tell you to pass this one up. Given the fact that it's rather cheap and extremely tight (which I LOVE) I have to at least encourage you to try it.
Final Thoughts & Score: 3.5/5 Recommended
This review is a bit of a flip flop. I love the tightness and affordability, but don't like that there isn't much going on texture wise. Or how big the toy should have been. I'm hoping that Magic Eyes decides to make a larger version. To sum it all up, I suggest you try it out and leave your own user review. I am highly interested in hearing what other people think. Basically I want to finally know if I am overlay critical on these toys, or if...well...I am just an ass.