July 11, 2014

The Julia + masturbator from EXE has been a top seller on ToyDemon for awhile now. I would like to stroke my ego and say that my review alone contributed to this fact. However, that's not the case at all. You see, I gave a rather negative review when it came to the Julia +. What does this say about my creditability? A lot! Why do I say this? Why dare I say this? Simple, it's what I have said from the very beginning: Different strokes, for different folks. Other people have loved the Julia +. Hell, even ToyDemon themselves have ranked it among the best toys of 2013. So, when the Julia's Onaho! was released, I immediately said to my self. "Hey!!! What the f%&k is going on here!!! That's just another Julia +!?!?"  Upon further examination of the Julia's Onaho! I have to say that there is a sticking resemblance amongst the two. They are modeled after the same famous Japanese AV actress, so of course this would be the case. Even so, I wish that they would have taken a bit more liberty in stepping it up a bit. Regardless if they used the same actress or same ties to the company 'Moody'Z'  or not.
Sensation & Feeling: 3.0/5
The lack of creativity in the inner texture has hurt this toy in my opinion. It's pretty much lined with the same mess of textures you will find in the Julia +. Although the Julia's Onaho! is much more of a straight shot tunnel, it's still lined with a thin dual-layer that appears as well as feels like nothing more then a slap dash attempt at a inner texture. Everything feels at random. Like it was chopped up into bits and just scattered at random. There is also nothing that stands out and screams "Oh My GOD!!!" on this toy. This is geared towards those men who want a more laid back approach when using a toy. I make it no secret that I enjoy over the top sensations, so for me this was a pass. The dual-layer isn't thick enough to allow the faint inner texture to be pushed to the fore front. Also, the straight tunnel gives it a bland sensation while using it. You beg for more. Trust me, Julia is a unbelievably hot AV actress, I just feel this onahole should have lived up to her extreme nature.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.2/5
This toy did rate rather high in the cleaning and maintenance level however. Largely because the opening is tight and extremely durable. This means that you can easily pry it open and do your routine in order to clean it. Some areas may be a little tricky to get to, because towards the end of the tunnel it does get a bit tight, so by all means get a bottle of toy cleaner from ToyDemon before checking out. I can not stress this enough. Look, would you want to stick your dick into a hole that is harboring bacteria and possibly mold spores? No?!? Well then get a damn bottle of toy cleaner. If you were wondering, yes, you do need it, so don't try to search or ask me for shortcuts. There is none. Just clean it with anti-bacterial toy cleaner and move through the paced per normal. Slap of corn starch and dry completely before storing.
Price & Performance: 3.8/5
The Julia's Onaho! Has some pretty stiff competition when it comes to price range. There are plenty of other masturbators out there that can out perform the Julia's Onaho! so as a reviewer I have to step back and look at only the sculpted sleeves, like the Julia + and the S-Hole Uehara Ai. Out of all of them this one kinda falls short for me. I just wished there was more going on in the inside. I felt like I was experiencing the same disappointments I had with the Julia + while using it. The toy it self looks and feels incredible. It's just a pity to me that I feel not more thought or design went into the inner suture.
Final Thoughts & Score: 3.7/5
Once it's all said and done, there was just too many similarities to the former Julia + for me to look past. Sure, the Julia+ is larger in the waist and for damn sure has a larger labia, but for me the sensation was about the same. So to wrap it all up, I would suggest you try the Julia+ first if your in the market for a sculpted sleeve. If she tickles your fancy, try the Julia's Onaho! next. I would much rather recommended a toy that has a very high user rating and not run the risk of you being disappointed.