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S-HOLE Uehara Ai

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eXe has been busy expanding their miniature body type masturbators. The S-Hole Uehara Ai is their latest premium sized dual-layer masturbator on ToyDemon for 2014.
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Every one's taste is different and eXe certainly understand this. There are a lot of miniature body onahole fans out there and many had hoped for a mini body masturbator that's a little bigger than what's out there right now. That's why eXe has release their S-Hole Uehara Ai, made with 900g (almost 2 lbs.) of their soft material.

S-Hole Uehara Ai is a miniature body type dual layer onahole from eXe. Minature type meaning that the outer shape of the onahole has a body like shape but in a smaller size that can be held by your hands. The body for S-Hole Uehara Ai is inspired by the body of Uehara Ai. S-Hole Uehara Ai is a dual layer construction. This dual-layer construction is design to use a harder more stimulating material on the inside while having a soft, easier to grip material on the outside giving you the best feature of both materials.

The entrance of S-Hole Uehara Ai is also a two lip design. The outer appearance of the entrance is a clean looking camel toe slit. Open this slit to find the flesh looking inner lip that invite you into its entrance. Once inside, you will find that the walls are covered with varying flesh like textures. Different grooves and bumps are placed to give you a stimulating sensation. These grooves also help to create a vacuum sensation for the sleeve. Simply squeeze the air out of the hole as you enter to maximize the suction. You will also find that the larger size of S-Hole Uehara Ai with its thicker walls will give you a “meatier” tightness and pressure compared to smaller onaholes.

Featuring the Japanese girl next door looks of Uehara Ai on the box, fans of body type onahole should definitely give S-Hole Uehara Ai a try.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.


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