By ToyDemon Staff
May 22, 2020

The ToyDemon Community Discussion Board is starting to gain traction with many of you posting interesting topics that others have came in and commented on. Throughout the different posts we also got to know many of you better and learned more about what you guys like and dislike. Many website related suggestions are now being put on our task boards to get worked so hopefully you guys will see some on-going changes to the website to reflect these suggestions. We will also be posting progress of the website updates in the community to keep you guys informed. With that said, lets keep the ball rolling, below is the details to Giveaway #3! 

We are giving away a TOMAX Venus Real onahole to upto 4 winners depending on the number of upvotes received on the community post below when the event ends on 5/29/2020 noon time. (Ex. if the post upvote ends at 120 then two winner will be randomly selected, each winner will recevie a TOMAX Venus Real onahole)

Winner(s) will be randomly selected from the comments section on the post so make sure you leave a comment.

How to Enter: 
1. Upvote the post. (Community Giveaway #3: TOMAX Venus Real for up to 4 users!)
2. Answer the question in the comment: What negative experience have you encountered here at ToyDemon? Please let us know so we can do our best to fix those things and improve your experience. If you haven't had any negative experience at ToyDemon yet, then what negative experience have you had from shopping online in general? This can help us make sure we avoid these practices in the future. Please don't mention things like not enough sales, coupons, and etc. Everyone (TD included) wants things to be cheaper or free if possible.
3. Your comment has to answer both questions to be considered.

50+   Upvotes / 1 winner
100+ Upvotes / 2 winner
150+ Upvotes / 3 winner
200+ Upvotes / 4 winner

Winner(s) Picked: 5/29/2020 @ 12pm CDT. 

* One entry per person, any account spamming will result in disqualification.
** You must have a toydemon account in order to post in the community. Sign Up
*** US winners will have the product shipped for free. International winners will have to pay for shipping.