By ToyDemon Staff
June 10, 2019

Recently we have received a lot of inquiry about how to use your reward points with Paypal Checkout so we want to take this opportunity to explain it in more details on the blog. If you don't know about our reward points, it is just one of the many perks we offer to our registered customers and more information about reward points itself and how to earn them can be found here.

Redeeming reward points is pretty simple and can be done in the payment section of checkout under the Reward points option. There's been some confusion for those going to Paypal Express checkout straight from the side cart as Paypal Express skips the payment section so they weren't able to see the reward point redemption option.

For anyone who would like to redeem their reward points, please be logged into your account and go to the regular checkout.

After going through the shipping portion, you'll see the payment section of checkout. One of the options will be Reward points, please click on the option to use your points on the items in your cart.

Your total will then be adjusted using the available points on your account. Afterward you can click on Paypal to finish checking out with Paypal Express or Credit card to checkout directly.

We hope this helps with those that have question about applying reward points. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us if you have any questions.