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  1. How to Redeem Reward Points

    How to Redeem Reward Points

    Recently we have received a lot of inquiry about how to use your reward points with Paypal Checkout so we want to take this opportunity to explain it in more details on the blog. If you don't know about our reward points, it is just one of the many perks...

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  2. Best How To Build A PC Video Ever?

    The ToyDemon Staff have built their fair shares of PCs over the years. We wished we had a video like this from MSI to teach us back in the day. For a 4 minutes video, this video is actually pretty good. But for some reason, we have to re-watch the video...

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  3. Sexy Otaku DIY: PokeBra

    Sexy Otaku DIY: PokeBra

    Nintendo did a great job bring their Pokemon to the masses. Not only do kids love Pokemon, it seems to bring out the inner otaku in many sexy females online. "Sexy" and "Otaku" usually aren't use anywhere together in a sentence but Pokemon has bridge...

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