Video Review: Rends R-1 A10 Piston Electric Masturbator
The perks of doing what I do is getting to try any new exciting toys that come along. Rends has put out a lot of what you can call "innovative" sex toys in the past years so when the Piston hit the scene my senses tingled and I needed to have it. However, like most toys I am dying to have in my hands, the feelings fade and are easily and quickly replaced with anger and frustration. The A-10 Piston walks a thin line with me between love and hate. Even now, months later, I have no idea what side I am on 100%. I said a TON in the video review, so this will be a quick overview.
Sensation & Feeling: 4.0/5
Even though the Piston has numerous flaws, I still claim to this very day that the Piston provided me with the best orgasm ever! The only problem is that it took a lot of trial and error and a ton more tweaking on my part to make it happen. After that glorious moment, I found myself trying my damnedest to chase it back. Although I did come close a few times I never truly felt that again. It drives me nuts to this day and has caused me to pass it up on numerous occasions simply because I do not wish to mess with it. There is really no need to recap all of the reasons why, I am pretty sure the nearly 30 minute long review has done enough of that already. So I will sum it up, I loved the orgasms, just hated how much I had to fight with it in order to achieve it. Enough said.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 3.0/5
Cleaning boils down to simply cleaning the cups, which is relatively easy once you learn how. If you are a first timer and is just flying by the seat of your pants, you will more than likely ruin the sleeve. You see, when I first tried to clean it I ripped the hell out of the sleeve and basically destroyed the whole sleeve in a matter of seconds. On the ToyDemon site you can view some helpful pics of how you can pull the sleeve up and over the cup in order to reach the bottom of the sleeve. This is by far the simplest and easiest way to clean it. After that spray it down with some anti-bacterial spray and maybe sprinkle some corn starch on it to make it smooth. Otherwise it gets pretty sticky and can cause a ton of problems come the next time you try to use it.
Price & Performance: 2.5/5
I won't bore you with math breakdown or any of that. The simple fact is that the Piston ain't cheap. Pile on top of that the Rends starter kit that you MUST buy in order to make the Piston work, hits the wallet pretty hard. The cherry on top of this sundae is the amount of frustration you will receive by trying to get it to work 100%. I have seriously never lost it so many times while trying to get off. It should not be this way. That's the whole point of doing this sort of activity in the first place is to release tension. So when a toy makes you want to punch a hole through the is a killer.
Final Thoughts & Score: 3.2/5
How do I sum this up the best way I can? Possibly an analogy will work. Imagine a low level prostitute, a hot one. You have a great time and the best sex of your life. You don't think twice about the money you spent. But then she won't stop calling your house. She says the baby is yours, but you know you pulled out! You start day dreaming about holes in the desert. You are officially losing your shit. Even though, you would gladly pay all that money and pain again simply to experience that orgasm again. This is the level of crazy you will feel with this toy. With that I threw a stack of imaginary papers in the air and wipe my hands of this. The End.