Video Review: Nama Sotai 02
Nama Sotai not to sell work. NAMA! Seventeen five same color T-shirt. WHITE! Get it?! Nama Sotai sounds like ” Mama told me”. Like that Migos song ‘T-Shirt’ ! Get it!?!? No???? Well you try writing intros to written reviews. It isn’t easy friends.  Anyways…lets talk about the Nama Sotai 02 shall we. Ok. SKRT SKRT!!!
Before I dive in I need to explain myself on something here real quick. In the video review for the Nama Sotai 02 I made a critical error. You see I use a bit of a cheat sheet to the left of the screen. This cheat sheet holds my scores and topics I want to discuss in the review. Well when it cam time for me to do sensation and feeling my eyes feel upon what I thought was the score for the numer two. It wasn’t. In fact it ws the score for the number one. If you have watched both reviews you would have seen they both had the same score. I screwed up. I didn’t mean to give it a 4.7, I meant to give it a 4.9. Simply because the number two outshines the number one in this department for a feew specific reasons. Unlike the 01 the 02 has six different sections in the inner tunnel. Just like the 01 you can feel everything and I mean everything. This core design that A-One has implemented in its design holds these textures together and provides a strong but not irritating sensation. Unlike anything I have experienced in a long time. Also unlike the 01 the 02 has suction that offers up a whole new experience that will have you reaching for this toy every time you get the urge to rub one out.  I found myself creeping in and out of this toy as I allowed myself to feel every little bump and ridge. I was taken back to the point of being blown away. All in all this is better then the 01 but only by a slim margin. If you had to compare the two it would be splitting hairs honestly. I just thought this one felt more stimulating and thus deserving of a few points more in my book.
Okay, so here is the rub. This one is a little tighter when it comes to the intial penetration point as well as the tunnel. So getting your hands to work together in unison to pry this baby open and stick a bottle brush down inside is a bit of a chore. I mean it can be done of course but it was a bit more tricky then the 01. Plus it felt like drying was a bit harder too and that may very well have a lot to do with the multitudes of things going on in the inner tunnel. There is simply more places for water and lube to hide. So you need to be patient with this toy for sure.  Once that task is completed the normal rules apply. I am going to assume you know the routine by now so I’ll skip over it and keep this train a moving.
I don’t want to repeat the same things I said in the 01 written review but there is simply nothing else one can say. The price tag of $49.95 isn’t as great as the introductory price of $39.95, this is a given. Something we all just need to get over. The asking price is reasonable for this toy and I would pay that any day of the week. However this is ToyDemon we are talking about and sales and promtions are around evry corner. So you eally don’t have to wait long for this to go on sale. So fear not my friend. Plus this baby performs every pennies worth. You will not be disappointed.
If you had to choose one or the two I would say screw that and get both.  They are simply that good. But if you were hard up on cash and really had to decide which one to get I wouold suggest the 02. It packs more bang for your buck and is more pleasing to use.  There isn’t much more to say that hasn’t already been said in the previous review so I will leave you with this. If you get this toy make sure to leave a user review to let the rest of the people know that this is a must buy. If you do get it and disagree with my opinion let me hear that too. Lord knows I would like to open a discussion about this toy.  I feel like this will be one that is talked about for some time to come.