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  1. Video Review: Nama Sotai 02

    Video Review: Nama Sotai 02
    Nama Sotai not to sell work. NAMA! Seventeen five same color T-shirt. WHITE! Get it?! Nama Sotai sounds like ” Mama told me”. Like that Migos song ‘T-Shirt’ ! Get it!?!? No???? Well you try writing intros to written reviews. It isn’t easy friends.  Anyways…lets talk about the Nama Sotai 02 shall we. Ok. SKRT SKRT!!!
    Before I dive in I need to explain myself on something here real quick. In the video review for the Nama Sotai 02 I made a critical error. You see I use a bit of a cheat sheet to the left of the screen. This cheat sheet holds my scores and topics I want to discuss in the review. Well w
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  2. Video Review: Nama Sotai 01

    Video Review: Nama Sotai 01
    We are fast approaching the end of 2017 and here I sit looking back at all the toys that have come across my desk over the year. Some utterly terrible beyond human comprehension and some just plain ‘meh’. Needless to say my loyal reader, this year has been pretty pathetic when it comes to new releases. With that being said imagine my surprise when the Nama Sotai series showed up at my house. On the outside you get an almost Walgreens pharmacy box. Very deceiving for what lies beneath the surface. For what lies inside is probably the best vaginal masturbator I have tried this year. Period.
    Now there are a few things I should have mentioned in the video review that I simply left out. With t
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  3. Video Review: Long Slide Masturbator

    Video Review: Long Slide Masturbator

    It’s not altogether rare to stumble across a masturbator that makes me scratch my head in awe. Masturbator manufacturers have been pumping out the strange and unusual for well over a decade now. There isn’t a whole lot that shocks me, especially after seeing the “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Tight” onahole. Jesus! Well wouldn’t you know it, the same company that made that lil’ gem is also the masterminds behind the Long Slide masturbator. It is a totally new way to masturbate. Will it change the way men masturbate forever? Probably not. Will it replace all your other toys? Uhhh…no. Is it the strangest toy I have ever reviewed? You bet.

    Sensation & Feeling: 3.0/5
    What makes the Long Slide special aren’t the 18 evenly spaced ribs inside the toy. It isn’t the TPE material the toy i
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  4. Video Review: Superb Fella 3 Masturbator

    Video Review: Superb Fella 3 Masturbator

    I have a large collection of oral sex simulators in my closet. I very rarely ever reach for them when I feel the urge for self gratification. This alone upsets me. To see so many companies take a stab at what you would think would be fairly easy, only to produce a toy that is lackluster at best. However, I have had a recent public outcry from my viewers to review A-One's newest version of their oral sex toy the Superb Fella 3. So against my better judgment I dove in completely skeptical only to be left overwhelmed. Finally I found the one that I am proud to slap a "Buy it!" seal of approval on!

    Sensation & Feeling: 4.3/5
    The Superb Fella 3 is specially designed to emulate a realistic 69 oral position. At first I though, saying that is one thing, but actually producing
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  5. Review: Love Body Hina Doll Set

    Review: Love Body Hina Doll Set

    Last week I got a surprise package from the friends at ToyDemon. Upon opening the package, I found the Love Body Hina, its masturbator (also known as Brossom), and a manual air pump to inflate my new vinyl roommate. If you don't know the Love Body collection, it is a series of clear inflatable dolls from A-One Japan and Hina is its seventh generation. These dolls are what you can call full size - their proportions are realistic and can be compared to petite women. The Love Bodies are usually based on a specific type of girl, and for the Hina, they took inspiration from girls with small breasts and big, round hips. Personally, I love women with that body type, so I was extremely happy to receive this doll!

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  6. Preview: Hunter Girls and Perfect Meiki Principle Evolution

    Preview: Hunter Girls and Perfect Meiki Principle Evolution

    The holidays are coming and ToyDemon has also a ton of new products in the pipeline. Here's a peek at what's coming next at ToyDemon. Hunter Girls Hunter Girls We're not sure exactly what's going on here from A-One, but we like it! What's interesting is that the logo reminds us of the super popular game "Monster Hunter" from Capcom (If you're a Monster Hunter fan, you should know what we are talking about). As Monster Hunter fans we definitely could not pass up on this product. Perfect Meiki Principle Evolution: Silver/Gold/Platinum

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  7. Overview: Superb Fella 2

    Overview: Superb Fella 2
    Superb Fella 2, the second coming of the highly popular Superb Fella from A-One Japan has recently been released. Here at ToyDemon we have had many request for oral toys and we worked hard on getting these in as soon as it was released in Japan. Every oral toy has a different experience and when it comes to the design and built of the toy. This time around A-One has designed a much different oral toy with a smaller entrance opening and a new dual layer interior with a more defined tongue structure, the Superb Fella 2 has created a whole new experience for the users which offers
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