September 22, 2013

I am quickly falling in love with Magic Eyes. Even though my first experience with them was through the 'Girl In The Box' onahole, which was so taboo and hard for me to enjoy without feeling dirty. So once I got my hands on the Monster Wet Real I was more than ready to see what they really had to offer in ways of full sized male masturbators. Just from the pics on ToyDemon I was excited to get this toy. I am here to tell you the pictures really don't do this toy justice at all.
Sensation & Feeling: 4.0/5
Like I said, the product pictures on the website makes you want this toy. By looks alone it looks like the inner textures must be crazy. The 3D tunnel design that runs 360 degrees through the tunnel is like a roller coaster for your member. It simply goes crazy in every possible direction imaginable.  So needless to say the bar was set from the pics alone and I am glad to say that the toy did not disappoint. The only real drawback I could find was that the tunnel is rather shallow. Usually this isn't that much a problem as I kinda just mushroom out at the end. Although it does not  look pretty, I am used to it. On this toy though there is so much material behind it that you will not be able to push on. It's like hitting a brick wall. It may be enjoyable to some but for me it was a tad aggravating. I just wanted to lay into this toy and couldn't. Even with that drawback I still enjoyed the many dips and dives this toy makes. It is like they took the best parts of my favorite onaholes and shoved them into this toy. If it had a longer tunnel this toy would have had a 5.0 rating.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 3.0/5
Cleaning is never really easy with these toys. Especially with a dual layer onahole such as this. You could flip it inside out to get to all the nooks and crannies, but you run the risk of ripping and tearing the toy. Your best bet is to buy some anti-bacterial foam and clean it before and after use and allow to air dry till DRY! Storing it while wet can cause mold to grow, so it's always better to wait for it to dry.
Price & Performance: 4.0/5
For what you get in feeling from this toy, it is a shock to me that this toy is only $54.95. I have used plenty of masturbators for nearly double that money that doesn't come close to the enjoyment I got from this toy. I just really wish the tunnel was longer. That is my only drawback. Other than that I would buy these in bulk any day of the week.
Final Thoughts & Score: 4.5/5
I could go on forever about this toy, instead I will ask you to buy it and try it yourself. Tell me if I was wrong in saying that this is the best toy out there for $54.95.