December 26, 2014

For a real long time now I have been telling people to buy the ZXY or the Maria Ozawa when it comes to male masturbators. Since then both have been on the best sellers list at ToyDemon for over a year and have received dozens of user reviews declaring their love for the toys. It goes without saying that it looked as if 2014 wasn’t going to hold any ground breaking vaginal masturbators. A few came along that showed promise, but they were not good enough to stand upon the 1st place podium with ZXY or Ozawa. Then late this year ToyDemon told me of their plans to start making their own masturbators. Obviously I got excited. For a group of people who deal with masturbators day in and day out to come forward and say “let’s give this a try” is epic. For them to actually accomplish this and smash it out of the park is legendary.
Sensation & Feeling: 4.6/5
The reason I loved the ZXY so much is because when I initially entered the toy I was meet with a very natural and realistic feeling. The inner texture mimicked actual vaginal sex quite well. Since then I have fought tooth and nail to feel that again. I have enjoyed many great sensations from other masturbators, don’t get me wrong, but what I was after was that ultra-realism. When you first enter the Meiki® Real you are meet with just that. That overwhelming sense this feels very familiar. There is nothing there to throw you off or makes you feel overwhelmed. It is a welcoming experience that almost provokes you to calm down and enjoy the ride. The inner texture is a 3d design so you are meet with a stimulating texture all the way around. Each side holds something different, so you can very easily rotate the toy during use and receive a different sensation. The Meiki® Real is a single layer onahole, so the same material you feel on the outside of the toy while holding it runs throughout. This is actually the first time using a masturbator where I am thankful for that fact. I feel if it was a slightly harder material on the inside, the masturbator would have been too overly stimulating to enjoy. However, I would love to see ToyDemon dream up one that would provide over the top stimulation.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.1/5
As with any masturbator you buy, the Meiki® Real requires normal cleaning procedures. You will need to get some Berman Anti-bacterial toy cleaner nonetheless. It’s like I said in the video, I believe ToyDemon would have added it to the box of goodies but ran out of room. The only real thing that hurts this toy is a thin layer of excess material around the vaginal opening of the toy. It will tear and peel off after use. This DOES NOT hurt the toy in any way. You can even go in with a small pair of scissors and snip it off it begins to bother you. If you are a veteran to male masturbators you are well aware that this is a rather common problem and it’s just part of the manufacturing process. Other than that, cleaning is a rather simple and straight forward process. After cleaning the material does become rather sticky. So by all means take advantage of the small packet of renewing powder (vegetable starch) that ToyDemon has provided for you inside of the box.
Price & Performance: 5.0/5
This is the highest I have ever scored a masturbator in this category. Why?!?! Well simply put, ToyDemon has lost their damn minds. I am not joking when I say that when I first heard about the Meiki® Real being put into production I made mention that they could easily sell it for the going rate of the top notch Meikis. Which by the way runs around the $80 mark? When they told me no, we are planning on selling it for $59.95 I was a tad put back. Now, when they told me they were also going to add a Meiki® Toy Bag, a bottle of ToyDemon x ToysHeart Vanessa & Co. Shape up Lotion and a ridiculous warranty card that protects your toy from any form of factory defect s, I couldn’t believe it. Still can’t. That is f%$#ing ridiculous!!! It is literally without a doubt the best buy you will find not only on ToyDemon, but any other site for that matter. To me, it is the equivalent of that awkward chic in high school that would do all that freaky shit normal girls wouldn’t allow you to do just so you will like her. But guess what, it worked and all these years later she’s hotter than hell and the envy of every guy at the class reunion who wouldn’t give her the time of day. What’s my point? Good question. I guess what I am trying to say is that ToyDemon has created something here that all other Meiki will be judged. A newcomer that aims high to please and delivers. They have created a goddess that will be hard to beat and I almost hope nothing ever does.
Final Thoughts & Score: 4.5/5 Buy It!
I don’t want to come off and sound like I am biased because of my connection with ToyDemon, but this is one of my top 3 favorite toys of all time. I have been asked since I uploaded my video review to YouTube what I would choose, The Meiki Real or the ZXY. I have told people I would choose the ZXY simply because it does have an edge over the Meiki® Real in realism. A slight tiny edge. Honestly though, I wouldn’t really know what to tell you. So many factors have to be taken into account. So I have tried to map it out the best way I can. I say that if this is your first time buying a masturbator, let the Meiki® Real be the one. Then move on to the ZXY and the Ozawa. Or hell by all 3 at once! I really don’t know. It is such a hard battle between the 3. I will say this though. ToyDemon has cornered the market here. There is an irrefutable price tag that you simply can’t pass up or shrug to the side. A box packed with everything you need to get stated. This is all in all the essential kit for any man out there. The joy I get from knowing they did such an outstanding job their first time around is indescribable really. To know that this is only the beginning for them…rather scares me. To wrap it up in a tiny package for your guys reading this, BUY THIS TOY NOW!