Video Review: Magic Eye's Monster Wet Chimera
It is becoming increasingly easier to suggest Magic Eye masturbators to people as the years roll by. They are leading the market in masturbators when it comes to innovation, design and feel. They never cease to amaze me and there are plenty of masturbators I long and lust to review for you guys that ToyDemon doesn’t carry just yet. With that said it’s easy to assume I have an infatuation with Magic Eye toys and the Monster Wet Chimera masturbator is no exception to this rule.
Sensation & Feeling: 3.6 /5
You are met with the old familiar here when it comes to the inner texture on the Monster Wet Chimera. You get the trade mark Magic Eyes crazy design and chaotic approach to a masturbator. It appears as if the whole thing was designed in the dark. Not a lot makes sense but somehow it works cohesively. The only real thing tying all of it together is a spiraling snake like ridge that winds its way through the length of the tunnel. From looking at its cut away view it is hard to see exactly what I found so appealing. It is a rather mess in there. The thing that really sells this toy is the material they chose to use. Magic Eyes have collaborated with Ride Japan and used their patented Bunge Touch material in the making of the Chimera. The results of which is amazing. The Bunge Touch material is incredibly durable and stretchy. You can abuse the hell out of this toy and it will refuse to split or tear. This alone helps push this toy up the ranks for me. It may be a tad bland texture wise but the reassurance that the toy isn’t going to tear open on you helps in the sensation department.
Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.6/5
Due to the fact that this toy is made out of that fantastic Bunge Touch material makes this toy a rather breeze to clean. Getting to the bottom with a glass sponge brush is a snap. You can simply spread it open to any width you need in order to accomplish the job. You can also turn the entire toy inside out if you wanted. Though I would only suggest doing this if you absolutely needed to and to only do it for a few seconds. You don’t want to stretch out the texture, so please be mindful of this if you do decide to go this route. Like I said it is insanely durable so maintenance is sort of a foot note in this toy. You really don’t have to worry too much about wrecking this thing. Trust me, she can take a beating and come right back. That sounded wrong….
Price & Performance: 4.4/5
It’s very rare to see a manufacturer take the high road and price their toys accordingly. A lot of them now a days feel justified in taking your hard earned dollar in exchange for a two dollar piece of crap. Magic Eyes is the rare exception. The Monster Wet Chimera is priced at $35.95, which is right where I would price this beauty if given the chair at Magic Eyes. You get exactly what you pay for here. A great all around toy that is going to last numerous sessions without fail.
Final Thoughts & Score: 4.3/5 Highly Recommended
At the end of the day this is simply another great Magic Eyes product. I could easily tell you guys to go and buy any of their masturbators. Even with its simplistic inner texture this one did it for me. If you haven’t tried a single Magic Eyes product yet, do yourself a favor and buy the bestselling La Bocca Della Verita oral masturbator. If you don’t like that toy, you are broken. For the rest of the 99.9% you will quickly fall in love with this manufacturer and see what I mean. You really cannot go wrong. So please buy the La Bocca Della Verita first then try this and please let us know what you think.