ToyDemon has been bringing countless adult goods from around the world into USA for over twelve years. Fleshlight was pretty much the only thing guys in USA knew about when we started. Since that time, we have tried our best to let everyone know about amazing brands from other countries like TOYSHEART, TENGA, Tomax, and so many others. There are now more number of people who know about onaholes than ever before.

We've had the ToyDemon Blog for almost as long as our website. (the older posts are no longer available) It's always been one of our goals for the blog to do some interviews/Q&A with the various brands and/or people behind the items you see on ToyDemon. It's taken awhile but we are excited to have this first opportunity to do so with someone from TOYSHEART's Planning/Research and Development department who be our first interviewee.

Just a quick background for those unfamiliar with TOYSHEART. They are one the the top Brands and manufacturers of Japanese Adult Goods in Japan and the rest of Asia. They were the first to adapt many of the now mainstream concepts in Japanese Sex Toys from high quality Anime art packaging, multiple layer material use, to anatomically correct oral and vaginal onahole designs.(the list goes on) Needless to say, TOYSHEART has been around for a very long time with some of the most popular masturbator onaholes and onahole series in Asia.

ToyDemon: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer some of our questions.

TOYSHEART: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do this.

ToyDemon: Most of ToyDemon's visitors are new to adult goods in general, especially ones from Japan. They have no idea of the vast number of products available outside the western world. As one of the top adult goods manufacturer in Japan, about how many male adult goods have TOYSHEART release?

TOYSHEART: With 20 years of product history as TOYSHEART, even those in charge of products doesn't know the total number released. However I would think that the total is well over 1000.

ToyDemon note* TOYSHEART started as the toy branch of a major company in a slightly different area in the industry which is why they mentioned "as TOYSHEART". Their history in the industry goes back even further.

ToyDemon: That's quite a lot of products. Your planning team must be very busy. How many new design does your Planning Team currently work on at the same time?

TOYSHEART: Each individual in the Planning Team works on about two to three products at the same time. That amount alone keeps us very busy.

ToyDemon: Designing great products certainly takes a lot of time and effort. From the very beginning design and planning to the final release of a product for sale, how long does this whole process take on a TOYSHEART product?

TOYSHEART: From the starting of the design to the product available for sale, it requires at least an entire year. This depends on the product of course, some will need more time.

ToyDemon: People probably have no idea the product in their hand took so long to develop. To get a better idea, which stage takes the longest?

TOYSHEART: It is the initial design creation part in the planning that consume the most time. The longest part within this stage is having to think about how everything works together, to be a good fit with each other, from package art images to the product inside. Every aspect including the packaging is carefully considered when making the product.

I think you can see this when you look at the Atelier Onahole. Production equipments are made and tested for the design. When an issue is found, corrections are made with the design and this is done a number of times until the finished product is finalized.

ToyDemon: Designers usually have that one product that they worked on that is their favorite from all the ones they worked on. Would Atelier Onahole be that one item for you?

TOYSHEART: The number one favorite product for me is the Atelier Onahole. The illustrations for the item are excellent, and we really obsessed over the product itself. It is the number one product that I have the most emotional attachment to as I had participated from the start working with the illustrator to tying every facets together for the item. So of course it is natural to feel good about it.

ToyDemon: Atelier Onahole is certainly a TOYSHEART onahole sleeve where it is obvious of all the work that went into it. Customers ask us all the time for recommendations, especially first time onahole buyers/users. Since you have a better understanding of all the series, which TOYSHEART onahole do you think a first time new user should try?

TOYSHEART: I would recommend our newer product called G-19 Secret Uterus which is part of TOYSHEART most popular "17 series". It is a great onahole that is easy to use for beginning users.

ToyDemon: That is certainly one of the popular TOYSHEART item on ToyDemon. Are there any items now or in the past that weren't necessarily high ranking in sales but were popular with TOYSHEART's fans?

TOYSHEART: That would be a product that's discontinued now but @15 was a really popular item. After it was discontinued, many users continued to ask us to bring the item back from being discontinued. Subsequently it was confirmed for re-released.

ToyDemon: One last question for TOYSHEART in general since we don't want to take too much of your time away from making great onaholes. Many of our customers remember the "TOYSHEART Car" but we haven't seen pictures of it in recent years. Does TOYSHEART still have it and have you ridden in it?

TOYSHEART: I have ridden the TOYSHEART Car a number of times before. It hasn't been used recently. I think it would be great to ride it again sometime.

ToyDemon: Thank you once again for taking the time to answer our questions.

With that ends our first Q&A on ToyDemon. We hope you enjoyed it. Got suggestions for future Q&A questions? Let us know in our new Community Section.