ToyDemon Community GIVEAWAY #9

Thanks to everyone that participated in the giveaway #8. Three randomly drawn winners were awarded with $20 in reward points. It was a good member provided topic and obviously give us a good insight into what everyone looks for when shopping online.

This week lets switch it up a little bit. In the old forum days we've had a couple of post call "Fraud or Not" where we detailed stories of fraud that we encountered from dishonest sources, obviously those stories are told from the our point of view as a seller and there were a lot of interests among forum members to read about them.

Along the line of thoughts we thought it'd be interesting to hear what's are some of your worst shopping experiences (physical or online store)?

How to Enter:

Goto "Community Giveaway #9"

1. Upvote the post
2. Answer the following question:
"Tell us about a horrible shopping experience you've encountered either online or physically"
3. Upvote the stories that you like the most.

$20 in Reward Points
The top three (3) stories with the most upvote will win the prize, if there is a need of a tie-breaker it will be decided by a random draw on 7/10/2020 @ 12pm CDT.

* One entry per person, any account spamming will result in disqualification.
** You must have a toydemon account in order to post in the community.
*** Points from this contest will not expire.