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  1. Video Review: Julia + Masturbator

    Video Review: Julia + Masturbator

    The most wondrous thing about my little hobby is being turned on to unfamiliar toy companies. Until recently I have never heard of EXE or their Plus (+) line of onaholes. When I first saw the Julia + on ToyDemon I was instantly intrigued. It was definitely the largest toy with boobs I have ever seen, so naturally I wanted it...badly! My only wish was that the toy would live up to what my mind had created. Luckily for me, It kinda a 50/50 sort of way.

    Sensation & Feeling: 3.5/5
    What I like to do before I review a toy is to see what other users though of the toy. I am always curious if users of the toy felt the same way I did after using the toy. The main thing on the
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  2. Video Review: Monster Wet Real Masturbator

    Video Review: Monster Wet Real Masturbator

    I am quickly falling in love with Magic Eyes. Even though my first experience with them was through the 'Girl In The Box' onahole, which was so taboo and hard for me to enjoy without feeling dirty. So once I got my hands on the Monster Wet Real I was more than ready to see what they really had to offer in ways of full sized male masturbators. Just from the pics on ToyDemon I was excited to get this toy. I am here to tell you the pictures really don't do this toy justice at all.

    Sensation & Feeling: 4.0/5
    Like I said, the product pictures on the website makes you want this toy. By looks alone it looks like the inner textures must be crazy. The 3D tunnel design that runs 360 degrees through the tunnel is like a roller coaster for your member. It simply goes crazy in every possible
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  3. Video Review: Meiki® Plush Doll

    Video Review: Meiki® Plush Doll

    Meiki Plush Doll Review By Triple X Branded

    It's not very often that I receive a toy for a review and become lost for words. I have done some reviews on some pretty weird and crazy sex toys but nothing quite like this. When I first opened the box that my Meiki Plush Doll came in, I gasped. This was largely due to the fact that I had no idea how I was going to do a review on something that simply had so much going for it. However, I pulled up my boot straps and buckled in for what I knew would be my longest video review ever! Still, even now I'm seeing new possibilities. This will not be the last time you hear about or see my Meiki Plush me. I have some plans and
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  4. Video Review: Meiki® Zhang Xiao Yu Masturbator

    Video Review: Meiki® Zhang Xiao Yu Masturbator

    Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu Masturbator *AKA* (Choo Shuu U) Review By Triple X Branded

    Zhang Xiao Yu is a pretty damn hard name to pronounce. What isn't hard is telling you that the Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu  AKA (Choo Shuu U) or simply Meiki ZXY, is by far the best male masturbator I have ever tried to date! It may seem hard to believe, but I have done dozens of reviews on various male masturbators and the ZXY just takes the cake for many reasons. (You can check out my other video reviews here.)
    Sensation & Feeling: 4.75/5
    The Meiki ZXY is the fifth generation Meiki and t
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