Video Review: Rends R-1 A10 Piston Electric Masturbator

The perks of doing what I do is getting to try any new exciting toys that come along. Rends has put out a lot of what you can call "innovative" sex toys in the past years so when the Piston hit the scene my senses tingled and I needed to have it. However, like most toys I am dying to have in my hands, the feelings fade and are easily and quickly replaced with anger and frustration. The A-10 Piston walks a thin line with me between love and hate. Even now, months later, I have no idea what side I am on 100%. I said a TON in the video review, so this will be a quick overview.

Sensation & Feeling: 4.0/5
Even though the Piston has numerous flaws, I still claim to this very day that the Piston provided me with the best orgasm ever! The only problem is t
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