1. Would You Bet $10,000 On Your Coming Marriage?

    Would You Bet $10,000 On Your Coming Marriage?

    Everything seems to cost more nowadays including wedding. For those who firmly believes in their marriage and need a little extra cash, a Seattle-based start-up called SwanLuv is willing to put $10,000 on it. The premise is that SwanLuv will offer qualifying couples up to $10,000 for their wedding on the condition that they stay married. If the marriage ends in divorce, the former couple will be required to pay back all the money plus interest. How much interest you ask? SwanLuv states that the interest rate will be calculated from their own algorithm. Those deemed to have a stronger marriage will have a higher interest rate than those couples with a weaker ones. It's interesting to note that although their entire business model seem to be based on the user's failed marriage, they state that it's more "Everlasting Marriage Deserves to be Rewarded". SwanLuv states that 100% of the money collected from divorces goes back to funding future couple's weddings. They even offer free mar

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  2. Finding Love On A Train?

    Finding Love On A Train?

    Prague's metro system is proposing a new way to meet that special someone. A "Love Train" that is for singles only . It will be running after rush hours offering a possibility to casually meeting that special someone. If all goes as planned, the new train will start operation in the fall of 2013. We think it's a nice idea but don't think it'll work. Then again we don't take public transportation to work so we're not sure how things are on a train. Anyone out there actually met their gf/bf on a train? info via Huffinton Post

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  3. Falling In Love With Your Toys

    Falling In Love With Your Toys

    Growing up many of us had toys that we fell in love with at one time or another. As technology advances, "toys" has become more complicated and are not just for kids anymore. Our shop is a perfect example of these wonderful new toys that never existed a decade or two ago. But how far would you love your toys as an adult? Would you marry it? For the follow rare individuals, their answer were different from the norm. Mr. Everard Cunion hails from Dorset, UK. At one point in his life, he decided to buy a life-like doll for £5,000. A price that usually turns away even the most dedicated adult toy enthusiast. Mr. Cunion however loved the first doll so much that he purchased additional dolls later and ultimately marrying one of his doll. It is said that Mr. Cunion now owns nine dolls in total and we can only assume he is currently a happy happy man.

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