Falling In Love With Your Toys
Growing up many of us had toys that we fell in love with at one time or another. As technology advances, "toys" has become more complicated and are not just for kids anymore. Our shop is a perfect example of these wonderful new toys that never existed a decade or two ago. But how far would you love your toys as an adult? Would you marry it? For the follow rare individuals, their answer were different from the norm. Mr. Everard Cunion hails from Dorset, UK. At one point in his life, he decided to buy a life-like doll for £5,000. A price that usually turns away even the most dedicated adult toy enthusiast. Mr. Cunion however loved the first doll so much that he purchased additional dolls later and ultimately marrying one of his doll. It is said that Mr. Cunion now owns nine dolls in total and we can only assume he is currently a happy happy man. Some time ago we blogged about Nintendo's new 3DS game Love Plus Date Anywhere. When the original Love Plus game came out in Japan during 2009. A man only known by the alias "Sal9000" decided the game character Nene Anegasaki not only deserved his love, she was also marriage material. The following video was their wedding ceremony livecast originally posted on Nico Nico Douga. [video id="hsikPswAYUM" site="youtube"][/video]   The love for a computer program and doll ultimately converged when Mr. Le Trung from Canada built a robot girlfriend with a love doll body. The robot named Aiko speaks two languages and recorded a total of 13,000 sentences between them back in 2009. Love Doll robot Aiko may be more of Mr. Le's research and invention than a legitimate Love interest but how long will it be before we have robot boyfriend and girlfriend like Fry's in Futurama? info and pictures via odditycentral, Boing Boing, dailymail Futurama is property of 20th Century Fox Television