April 02, 2013

Last week I got a surprise package from the friends at ToyDemon. Upon opening the package, I found the Love Body Hina, its masturbator (also known as Brossom), and a manual air pump to inflate my new vinyl roommate. If you don't know the Love Body collection, it is a series of clear inflatable dolls from A-One Japan and Hina is its seventh generation. These dolls are what you can call full size - their proportions are realistic and can be compared to petite women. The Love Bodies are usually based on a specific type of girl, and for the Hina, they took inspiration from girls with small breasts and big, round hips. Personally, I love women with that body type, so I was extremely happy to receive this doll!

Like all the dolls in the Love Body collection, Hina has its own masturbator to use with the doll. The Brossom (or Love Body Hina Masturbator) can be used independently from the love doll, but it is designed to fit the Love Body Hina and complement its looks. For this review, I used the Brossom with the doll as intended by the manufacturer. When you take out the Love Body Hina's package, you will be greeted by a tastefully rendered image of a young woman in schoolgirl uniform, sitting on the floor, giving you a look at her white panties. On the back, you see the same girl, this time in her underwear showing the measurements of the doll - 74 cm on bust, 60 cm waist, and a healthy 91 cm for hips. On the sides, you have illustrations of the inflated doll both "naked" and dressed up with sets just like the illustrations on the box. Inside, you will find the doll nicely folded without any wig or clothes.

Now, let's check the masturbator. The package for the Brossom (Love Body Hina Hole) shares the same illustrations as that on the doll's box, with the difference that at the back of the box you have the typical masturbator's cross section. Inside the box, you will get a medium size masturbator with a double layer construction: a lightly frosted clear exterior material and a pink interior layer where you find the textured tunnel. The exterior design has an opening that hides the hole entrance, allowing you to create a "camel toe" effect if you dress the doll with soft panties. In addition, you will find a sample of Ona Stick lotion for your convenience when using the Brossom for the first time.

Sensations & Feeling: 5/5
Well, I used the hand air pump (sold separately) to inflate Hina, and once inflated, it is an interesting doll. It is basically life-sized, with A-cup breasts and big, nice hips. The doll is in a seated position like the Aki, but it is slightly tilted back, as if Hina is more relaxed. You will notice that the doll's posture looks just like the illustration in the schoolgirl uniform from the box. This posture allows for various sex positions. You can simulate being on top, doggy style, and many others pretty easily, just being limited by your imagination. The size of the doll is easy to play with, and if you like to dress up your inflatable lover to add more realism, Hina uses adult X-small or girl's 10-12 for dresses and tops. Because of her hips, Hina can wear adult panties up to size 5 (Small) without problems. Dressed up, the Hina feels pretty realistic and the hips are perfect to hold while "playing". Of course, the best way to play with the Hina is using the masturbator designed for her. The Brossom fits tight into the vaginal cavity, so placing a drop or two of lubricant on the hole and the masturbator helps a lot for insertion. Once in place, the Brossom stayed there during play without problems.

Now, the texture inside this masturbator seems to be of medium intensity, but it surprised me. The pressure points inside the canal really took me to overdrive. Add the firmness of the material, and the Brossom got me finishing in 20 minutes or less. For me, that is a short session, but I could not last more than 25 minutes inside this toy without pressing Hina's hips before grunting and ending the sessions. The damn girl is too addictive!

Cleaning & Maintenance: 3.5/5
Cleaning a plastic doll is the easiest thing in the planet: just use a damp cloth or paper towel and wipe off anything you need to clean. If REALLY dirty, just use a few drops of dishwasher detergent on the cloth / paper. That's all you need to do for the doll... unless it develops leaks. That is where the maintenance part gets tricky, requiring you to have Super Glue and some extra strips of vinyl to patch your friend. The good thing about the Love Doll series is that the vinyl is pretty strong, but the seams tend to be delicate due to the complicated curved shapes on the hips and legs. Those seam rips at the knees and hip are the most difficult to fix, as I found with my Hina.

For photos, the doll look better if inflated about 95%, but for use, I keep inflatables at 75-80% inflation to avoid excessive pressure on the seams. I took the photos for the review after using the doll for a week, so I added more air. While preparing the doll for dressed pictures, the seams at the inner bend of the left knee busted a hole of the size of a pencil eraser. It is fixable, but it will be an ugly repair...

The masturbator is easy to clean - just clean as you clean any other closed masturbator. Drying is another business... Because of the curved interior of the toy, the Brossom will retain water on the inside of the canal. You need to be extra cautious to shake all excess water from inside and even insert paper towel to absorb any extra water. Also, you must remember that the outer material creates the camel toe effect, meaning that the "lips" can also retain water - and that they will avoid air to circulate freely to the canal. So be ready to wipe every drop of excess water before leaving to dry. Those extra steps are the reason why I give a 7 / 10 to the combo.

Price & Performance: 4.5/5
Is the Love Body Hina and Brossom combo a good choice? If you like inflatable ladies, it is a great choice. The doll feels natural and the masturbator is pretty intense and satisfying. For less than $90 ($48 for the Love Body and $40 for the masturbator at review time), you get a high quality doll with one of the most intense feeling masturbators I had experienced in a while. Really, really good choice.
Final Thoughts & Score: 4.5/5
My final score for the Love Body Hina doll and masturbator combo is a 9 out of 10. Separately, the items are interesting enough to buy apart. The doll is clear, adding to the fetish of seeing how our little friend looks while pumping a doll, but for me what makes the doll unique is its size and shape. The seated posture of the Hina doll is cute and functional, allowing to use it in various positions while her size allows you to dress her using clothes found in any store. You can use standard size wigs, which is a big plus when dressing up dolls for added "realism" during play. On the other side, the masturbator itself is a good choice even if you don't like dolls. The interior of the Brossom is pretty realistic, with an organic design and many pressure points that work like a charm to take you to climax. Even experienced guys like me will find the toy pretty intense. Combine the doll and the masturbator, and you will have an incredible experience while grabbing Hina's small waist and grinding against those massive hips. Just don't get too involved into the action... remember that your girl is full of air!