June 16, 2016

It is no secret by now that the Vorze A10 Cyclone SA is the very best male masturbator of all time. Period. Don’t bother to look for something else because nothing comes close to entering the stratosphere of planet Vorze. I love this thing and I use it every time I feel the need. It’s easy to set up, use and clean and the feeling is extraordinary.  What makes the Vorze SA something for the ages is the fact that the toy isn’t locked to one specific sleeve. Vorze has created eight separate but equally fantastic inner sleeves and each one delivers up its own unique sensations.  So with this being said I felt the need to continue to blow my trumpet for Vorze and let you all know that if you own the Vorze SA it is time to buy every sleeve they have and encourage them to make more!  If you don’t own a Vorze yet I feel sorry for you.
Sensation & Felling:  4.8/5
What hooked me and reeled me in on the Vorze SA were the thought and the ingenuity that went into the design of these inner sleeves. Each one is designed to give the user a penetrating or thrusting sensation simply by utilizing the cyclonic action of the machine itself. The Glans sleeve for example gives you a soft sensual blow job experience unlike any other toy I have used. The sleeve is broken into chambers that to me mimicked a deep throat action as it cork screwed itself down me. I was simply blown away by the design and forethought that went into this sleeve. The same can be said about the W-Flap. It’s rather simple in design, a mere flap to the left and the right stacked on top of each other, nothing special. However, it gives the user a nice firm hand job like experience that I rather enjoyed.  So if you have tried numerous masturbation sleeves hoping to mimic a blow job or hand job or even vaginal penetration, look no further. Save up and buy the Vorze SA and then get every sleeve you can. If you want my opinion the Glans and the Vortex is my personal favorites.
Cleaning & Maintenance:   4.5/5
I am going to go off the rails for a second. If you own the previous greyish white version of the inner sleeves you know how they have a tendency of getting this blackish dark grey color all over them after a few uses. This I believe is caused from the chamber the sleeve sits in. Now, Vorze listened to my previous review on the Vorze SA and decided to make their sleeves pink. For some unknown reason those marks have not shown up. I don’t know what the deal is but I love it. I hate unsightly looking sleeves. To me they are a turn off. So kudos to Vorze for listening to the fans and making the change. As far as cleaning goes it really is pretty standard and simple. The entrance is wide enough to allow a foam brush in rather easily.  The whole proses can be finished up in less than 5 minutes which is always nice after masturbating. Nothing is worse than knowing you are in for a healthy cleaning while trying to enjoy yourself.  So as long as you were listening to me for the past few years, you should have it covered.
Price & Performance:   5.0/5
Not a lot needs to be said here. If you already dished out the few hundred bucks for the Vorze SA an extra $25 to $30 bucks isn’t going to kill you. It’s the best investment you can make towards the toy. My only word of advice is maybe buy only one a month. That way you can take time to enjoy it and not get overwhelmed by trying to find your favorite out of the pack. I kind of wish I never knew these things existed because honestly these sleeves have killed sex toys for me. Nothing comes close to the beauty of these inner sleeves.  They are worth every penny.   I would pay triple for any one of these sleeves any day of the week.
Final Thoughts & Score:   4.8/5
Not to beat a dead horse but this is the best male masturbator ever. Coupled with your favorite sleeve and video you can have a fantastic experience unlike any other on the planet.  It is worth every penny and then some. I have burned through hundreds of male masturbators, some of them I love, but nothing comes close to this. At all. I can only do one thing now. Sit back and wait for Vorze to develop their next best thing. I just hope they can do so because this will be hard to top. So let’s start the clock and wait. Until that day comes let us just enjoy what we have now and devour it like thanksgiving dinner and give thanks to Vorze and their ingenious development staff.